{CLOSED} One Dish Dinners Cookbook – Giveaway {10 Winners}

Day 3 of the daily giveaways for this week…This is happening way too fast! 10 more winners in the next 24 hours of my One Dish Dinners Cookbook!

I had a great time this morning in Dallas, and I’m headed back home to my baby. Well, not so much baby. Anymore. If I wasn’t expecting another one, I’d be a mess right now. This whole kid-life thing is happening way way way too fast. And then there’s the whole tension of “want them to grow up to be independent, but want them to stay close and little forever.” Gah…what’s a mother to do? I can’t and don’t even want to think about dropping them off at college. The mere thought makes me want to curl up in a ball and start rocking and mumbling. They don’t tell you these things in the pregnancy books…although I don’t think it would matter if they did. Life is wonderful and we’re so blessed to be raising up these rambunctious and independent boys!

Hello, rabbit trail.

Back to the cookbook…

The One Dish Dinners cookbook is for every busy home chef, moms and dads alike, who are struggling to come up with creative dinner ideas that won’t cost an arm and a leg, AND that won’t leave a ginormous mess in the sink!

With this cookbook, you’ll have more variety on the dinner table, meals that please your family, more money in your pocketbook, less time in the kitchen and way less mess to deal with at the end of the day!

I’ll be giving away 10 copies each day this week, but they are only “live” for 24 hours. You can enter up to 5 times on each giveaway. Please leave separate comments for your separate entries!

1. Contests will start and end at 5 pm EST each day this week.

  • Entry #1: Leave a comment sharing your favorite way to save time or money in the kitchen!
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Good luck!!!


  1. Kristy Bartlett says

    One of my favorite ways is canning when everything is in season. Yesterday I canned two cases of peaches. Today I canned 2 cases of tomatoes making 3 double batches of salsa and 8 quarts of tomatoes.

    It rivals the uber healthy brands in the ingredients lists, beats them on the can I pronounce it list, and when you compare cost of me making it to the healthy variety I save money. And it makes me REALLY happy.

  2. Susan T says

    Save time by cooking chicken breast in crockpot and then shred and freeze. Always have cooked chicken in freezer for casseroles.

  3. Sally R. says

    My favorite money saver is stocking my freezer with homemade grab & go lunches, that all you have to do is heat and eat. Also try to have assorted muffins and treats frozen for quick snacks.
    also I never buy “snack size” or “portioned” snacks. Always get bigger package and divide into small snack baggies or plastic containers. Even make jello, pudding, and yogurt cups for afternoon snacks or desserts
    I look forward to reading your emails when I get them, with all the good advise, recipes, savings,etc.

  4. says

    My favorite time and money saver in the kitchen is my crockpot! I’m obsessed with it. Last night I made a whole chicken in there!

  5. Sarah says

    I like to save time and money by making double and triple batches of meals to freeze and use for later meals.

  6. Jody H says

    My favorite way to save time in the kitchen is to make more than one meal and freeze the second for a later dinner.

  7. Kristyn says

    I am making One Pot Coconut Curry Chicken right now! With sweet potatoes, carrots, and a parsnip.

  8. Mary C says

    My favorite way to save money is to create a menu and detailed shopping list. If it’s not on the list, there has to be a very good reason for it to go into the shopping cart!

  9. Shay says

    Batch cooking is a good way to save time. Spend one day doing all the prep work, then just pull something out of the freezer already put together and pop in the oven.

  10. Mary S says

    I prep my veggies ahead of time and flash freeze then on cookie sheets then put them into the freezer.