Grilled New York Pork Chops with Zucchini & Tomatoes

New York Pork Chops

A few weeks ago, I was challenged by the National Pork Board to come up with a pork chop recipe for under $10…easy peasy! But what surprised me was that I had to use a New York Pork Chop. A New York Pork Chop??? What in the world is a New York Pork Chop? Sounds kinda like a steak to me. Well, I then learned that pork chops have recently been renamed…and that my wonder about the new identity and nomenclature was not unfounded. I hadn’t heard about the new names…and hadn’t noticed any changes on the packaging at my grocery store. But you better believe, I’m on the lookout for the new labels. Here’s the breakdown…

New Names for Pork Chops

While shopping for pork at the store, keep an eye out for labels featuring the new pork cut names that match the names of popular cuts of beef or steak. This will for easier identification and preparation of pork chops, so you can select and prepare juicy, tender and flavorful pork this grilling season.

I found some Top Loin Chops New York Pork Chops at the store and set out for the challenge. I chose to go with some super inexpensive summer veggies to grill alongside the pork chops, keeping it all under $10. Boom!

You can find my recipe, along with 9 other $10 and under grilled pork chop recipes, over on the Pork Be Inspired website.

Pork Chop Prices

Also, here is a price per pound breakdown and comparison to the beef counterpart. These prices will be updated again on Monday. And of course, be on the lookout for loss leader prices and hot sales on pork chops at your grocery stores. Finally, check out the Pork Chop Drop Sweepstakes for a chance to win $1,000!

Have you heard about the new pork chop names? Does your favorite steak cut match your favorite pork chop?



  1. Cassie L. says

    The recipe button doesn’t link to anything. I’d love this recipe as I have some zucchini and pork chops in my fridge.

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