New Years 2009: Hope and Encouragement

Over the next few days, I’ll be writing a few posts about New Years, resolutions and ways to stick to them, my plans for this year, and a little encouragement for you as well!

With the economy in shabbles, layoffs on the rise, and people from all walks of life paying more attention to their budgets, I imagine that many people will be making financial goals and resolutions for the coming year. It’s easy to make a goal, stick to it for a month, and let it die off. It’s not easy to make a goal and let it die off if you’ve shared it with 1,ooos of people. Accountability is a powerful tool to help you stick to your goals, plans and resolutions. If you’d like some accountability, leave a comment with your resolution (and contact info if you don’t have a blog), and I’d be happy to surprise you with a reminder and encouragement.

My friend, The Crockpot Lady, used her blog to help her stick to her resolution for 2008. She did it! Amazing, really! 365 days of Crockpotting! She’ll inspire you, I promise!

I plan to use this blog to stick to my resolution…which I will share with you on New Years Day!


  1. Frugal Jen says

    My New Years resolution is to loose 10 pounds and get my family on a healthy diet and get rid of the highly processed foods in our meals.

  2. a corgi says

    I so agree with you about accountability to help keep resolutions; looking forward to reading your posts over the next few days

    I know our pastor said about making changes to live within your financial means, he said to make sure you make changes you want to continue to live with, even when times get better again because otherwise you’ll end up in the same boat if you keep spending more than you make; good advice which has helped us to become more frugal (and enjoying it) over these past few months. Now we shudder when we think of what we used to spend


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