New Month – New Coupons

New Coupons Available

It’s September 1st, which means coupons have been reset at !!! They can be found in my coupon bar, at, or in the coupon widget in the right sidebar on the site.

Most coupons can be printed twice. Just hit “back” on your internet browser to go back to the beginning of the list to print your favorite coupons a second time. And remember that each company sets a limit to the TOTAL number of coupons that can be printed. So the popular coupons will “disappear” after they have reached their print limit. So print today and you won’t miss out on the coupons you want!

Great coupons at this month are:

$1 off Cascadian Farm organic product

$.55 off Simply Pillsbury Cookies

$1 off any Rice or Soy Dream frozen dessert (GREAT coupon for those with food allergies!)

$.55 off Wonder Bread

$1 off Success Rice product

$.60/2 off Old El Paso products

$1/2 off Kashi granola bars

$1 off Raisinets 6 pack

$10 off Leapster2 product (not food…but a cool high $ coupon…think buy ahead Christmas gift!)

Find all these and many more great coupons at!!!

Also, Smart Source has a few new coupons available…including:

$1 off Nature Valley Nut Clusters

$1/2off  Hershey’s Bliss chocolates

$1 off Aquafresh Whitening

$1 off Star Olive Oil

$1/2 off Chiquita frozen smoothie mix

Click here for the complete list of printable coupons at Smart Source!

Electronic Coupons

Be sure to load up the latest e-coupons from!  These e-coupons can be used at Kroger and Safeway family stores.   You can also click on the widget in the sidebar for quick and easy loading! 

To load up on this month’s electronic coupons, go to to sign up for electronic coupons or reload your electronic coupons to your store loyalty card! Their electronic coupons refresh at the start of each month. They can be loaded onto store loyalty cards to several stores in your area, including Kroger, Meijer, Marsh and CVS. The amount of the electronic coupon is deposited into your online college savings account at What a great way to save a little extra while buying products you need!

Other Valuable Coupon Resources (organic product coupons)

P&G eSaver coupons

This is the perfect time to ruffle through your coupons and remove all the expired coupons. Expired coupons can be sent to military families stationed overseas, who can use them for up to 6 months after their expiration.

Happy Coupon Hunting, Printing and Clipping!

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  1. Emily says

    Hi Erin! It looks like you had fun in the twin cities! When you mentioned the new yogurt product, I was shocked. That product has been available at our commissary for the last 2 months. (We are a military family in Minot, ND) It was too pricey for me to get at over $7.00 and we have 4 kids. But instead bought a container of frozen yogurt and fresh berries at the farmer’s market.
    I’ve enjoyed your tips.

  2. says

    I was very disappointed when I realized required downloading special software. I almost never do that. I’m trusting that the savings will make it worthwhile.

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