New – Ibotta Mobile Coupon App

Put cash in your pocket with every shopping trip. Download the free app from

Get it…I-Bought-A. 


Ibotta is a fun and easy way to earn $20 or more each time you go shopping. The more you use it, the better and more personalized your offers become.

Here’s how it works:

  • Choose Products
  • Complete Activities to Earn
  • Go Shopping (currently available at 35 retailers)
  • Snap a Photo & Verify your purchases by uploading a photo and scanning the product’s barcode.
  • Get Cash

Yes, real money in your Ibotta account that you can send to a PayPal account or donate to any school in America. (Love the donation piece!)

So get started…Click here for video that explains how Ibotta works as well.

Happy Saving!



  1. Ariana says

    Is there an app in Canada that Canadians can sign up for?? We can’t register for Ibotta since we don’t have a zip code.

  2. Chantel says

    @Ariana: YES there is a Canadian app VERY similar to this one. It’s called Checkout 51 and you take pictures of your receipts and they credit you depending on what deals they have going that week! :)

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