My Troublesome Turkey

The ladies at Happy to Be at Home are hosting a contest…Be sure to stop by for a good chuckle!

Here is my troublesome turkey!
My little man is trying to help me rub some sage onto “Fred”!
6 month old touching raw meat…ick…I have “raw meat issues”…
I have burnt the edges on many a pie crust…but not this year. I got one of those handy pie crust protectors from Pampered Chef! Now my guests will eat ALL of their pie, crust included!!!
YES! It is all very troubling! Gotta a Troublesome Turkey Tale you’d like to share…head on over here!


  1. The Happy Housewife says

    I am not sure what is more troublesome, the baby in the turkey pan, the baby touching the turkey or burnt pie crust… hmmm!
    That is a huge turkey btw, or maybe a small baby, lol!

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