My Little Coupon Clipper

I just HAD to share these photos with you! I was in the middle of my usual Sunday routine of clipping coupons and scanning all the grocery store ads. My little man asked if he could “cut too”. (He has some fine motor delays and I’m was tickled that he wanted to cut!) I handed him a page from the insert that I knew I wouldn’t need (And yes, I gave him the page with the coupon for M&Ms/chocolate candy! Call me crazy! I LOVE chocolate…but it’s best that we not cut out the coupons so we are not tempted to buy a bag…or 4…when they go on sale!).

Never mind that he mutilated the coupon! No chance of me using this one. Ever. Better for the waistline that way!

“Look at these Skittles!” He thought the M&Ms were Skittles. Apparently he sees them at preschool. I never buy them. He never eats them. It seems sad, but I am proud of the fact that he doesn’t eat candy. And that he doesn’t know what M&Ms are!

I did turn this into a teachable moment and explained how coupons help us save money. Did he really understand? No. But, we want instill the basic principles of saving money and being responsible with money, so we’ll start with cutting coupons!


  1. RockerWife says

    I love your blog – and your little guy is a DOLL!!! My youngest is 13, so I’m partial to the toddlers now. And don’t feel bad about not giving him candy. He’ll have time enough for that when he gets older. Have a very blessed Christmas to you and your family.

  2. Lori says

    Your little man is precious. Look at how intense he was cutting away like that. . lol. Hope he doesn’t get the notion of cutting his hair. . yikes!!


  3. The Lady Riposter says

    How cute!

    I know firsthand the problems that come from clipping the chocolate coupons. I ended up with 8 bags of chocolate this morning for ’round about $1.50 total…. I’ve told myself I have to give 95% of it away as gifts!

  4. a corgi says

    so cute!! got to start them early to know the importance of saving money and making wise financial decisions :)


  5. Little Miss Bossy says

    Awww! What an adorable post! I have been through developmental delays for 13 years now with my kids and I tell ya…it is always touching to see someone else appreciate the “small” things others take for granted. Like using scissors! That is so awesome!

    Oh, and I am SO guilty of the chocolate thing. I have a box of coupon deal bags in my room (and WHY did I just buy 5 more this weekend??). And I have no idea why in the world I buy it and then end up snacking on it.

    But no worries…the scale makes plenty sure I feel the guilt!! LOL

  6. sunnymum says

    Great start! I let my 3-yr old carry an envelope with her “coupons” when we’re at the store. Hope the idea wears off on her!

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