Monthly Meal Plan – September 2010


We’ll be starting the September Meal Plan after Labor Day…mostly because I already know what we are having this week.  And I have no idea what we’ll be having this weekend…other than Rehearsal Dinner Food, Wedding Reception Food, and Cake! Yum!!! :)

7- BBQ Chicken with Mini Corn Muffins
8- Out with Family
9- Black Bean and Salsa Chicken
10- Pasta E Fagioli
11-  Sandwiches or Leftovers
12- Grill Burgers

Gonna be a little heavy on the carbs this next week…as Steve will be running in the Air Force Marathon on Saturday…

13- Pasta with Corn and Bacon
14- Adobe Chili and Apricot Chicken Get Green, Be Well…thanks Kimberly!!!
15- Emeril’s Essence Chicken
16- Pasta with Italian Sausage (Warning:  This will not be a $5 Dinner!)
17- Spaghetti – Carbo Load Night
18- Sandwiches or Leftovers (or whatever the marathon runner wants!!!)
19- Grill Burgers

20- Turkey Pumpkin Chili
21- Mini Cheesy Salsa Meatloaves A Southern Fairytale…thanks Rachel!!!
22- Chorizo Breakfast Tacos
23- Lentils and Rice of some sort
24- We’ll see what’s on sale this week and make a “bargain meal!”
25- Sandwiches or Leftovers
26- Birthday Dinner!!! I’ll be celebrating the 8th anniversary of my 25th birthday! 😉

I’m off to NYC this next week…but I’ll be leaving behind some favorites!

27- Chicken of some sort
28- Meatloaf
29- Spaghetti
30- Out on a Daddy Date!
1- Pork Roast with Apples and Pears
2- Chicken Sliders
3-  Will we still be grilling?!  I hope so!

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