Monthly Meal Plan – August


Better late than never.  Right?

It’s been since…April, I think…since I’ve had a monthly meal plan. And my mental condition has suffered as a result! It’s time to get back on the monthly meal planning bandwagon and bring a little sanity back into the kitchen!!!

(Even if it is 1/3 of the way through this month already!)

School starts so soon…and I’d really like to have my brain screwed on as we move into this next season of busy-ness.

12 – Slow Cooker Chicken with Rosemary and Maple
13 – Stuffed Tomatoes
14 – Sandwiches
15 – Butter Burgers on the Grill

16 – Grilled Chicken Thighs
17 – Quinoa Waldorf Salad
18 – Green Chile Stuffed Chicken Breasts
19 – Spanish Rice Casserole
20 – Cobb Pasta Salad
21 – Leftovers
22 – Chicken Sliders

23 – Succotash Rice Pilaf
24 – Mexican Pizzas
25 – Shepherd’s Pie with Chicken
26 – Coconut Chicken Curry
27 – Pasta with Mini Meatballs
28 – Sandwiches
29 – Grill Burgers

30 – Tacos
31 – Balsamic Chicken and Onion Wraps
1 – BBQ Chili with Green Peppers
2 – BBQ Chicken with Cornbread
3 – Pasta E Fagioli
4 – Leftovers
5 – Family in town…not sure!

We’ll see what’s on sale this week and make a “bargain meal!”


Want to know more about why I plan my menus out each month? Read more here

Want to give monthly meal planning a try?!?

…check out all the printable planners and templates that will help with your weekly and monthly meal planning!


  1. says

    I love your templates and planners but was wondering, if I wanted to make my own do I need some special software for my computer to create them as a pdf file? I have Adobe on my computer that I can view the pdf files from other computers but not sure how you make one yourself?

  2. says

    I wish I had the willpower/organization to do something like this! I’ve tried making shopping lists along with eating plans before but I just can’t keep up with it. Glad you’re getting back on track with yours. :)

  3. says

    The stuffed tomatoes sound great! I wish I was as ambitious as you in your monthly meal planning. Having everything planned out can save you on unneeded trips to the grocery store and unnecessary stress each night over what to cook. I will keep trying to make a weekly meal plan and maybe eventually move on to a monthly one!

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