Money Saving Tips

Here are a few things I’ve learned about saving a little extra $$$ on the weekly basics!

1. Buy Store Brand. For me, that means buying Kroger brand! Everything! It is always cheaper! It’s usually cheaper than the regular brand when on sale and matched with a coupon! I am not brand loyal to many brands. Definitely
2. Get a Reward Card. I save big $$$ by using my Rewards card. I also get coupons in the mail every 2-3 months for the products that I buy using my Rewards card.
3. Manager’s Special Sections. My Kroger has “Manager’s Specials” in the Meat, Bakery and Deli departments. Prices are marked down on products that need to be sold right away. You can freeze it and use it when you need it!
4. Check your Receipts. Stores will likely reimburse you for the entire price of the product if you are charged incorrectly. Check with customer service at your store for their policies.
5. Take advantage of sales. Match coupons. Send in rebates. Watch the ads and coupon sections for the products that you like. You can often find “name brand” items for less than store brand. This happens rarely for me, but it is possible!
6. Shop with a list and a plan. Do NOT stray from the list. Impulses must be controlled. Impulse buys break the budget!
7. Have fun! Play the game! Challenge yourself to NEVER pay full retail price!


  1. Lorie says

    I found you by way of Menu Monday. I like your new website. I have a sving money oblog too. I love CVS! It really does help you stockpile.

  2. Shash says

    I found you through my fellow Canadian, the Organizing Junkie.

    I thought I’d add a tid-bit for your Canadian readers that I find none of my friends know about!

    We may not have the double coupons but we do have stores that abide by the “Scanning Code of Practice”. You have to know your prices – if the tag on the shelf doesn’t match the price that it scans at, the store must give it to you for free if it is under $10 (or $10 off if it’s more). The trick is… you have to know about it – they don’t offer up the info.

    It helps to pay attention!

  3. trishtator says

    I read on your site about coupon sites (and now I can’t find where you talked about them…), like cellfire and shortcuts.

    My question is – how often should I check the sites to get new coupons? I’ve checked every day for the last few, but haven’t seen anything new. Is it one day of the week, or month? My shopping is gluten free (=$$$!), and so I’m really enjoying your blog and the coupon ideas.


  4. Abundant Frugal Life says

    If you shop at Kroger you can use e-coupons that load right onto your card (I have a page on that). Cute site. I too am in the DFW area.

  5. says

    Yesterday (after weeks of research) I used coupons for the first time. I saved $61! I only bought items that I had coupons for & I only used coupons that could be doubled. I ended up scoring big on quite a few items that I didn’t know were on special. I was most proud of getting two large boxes of name brand cereal for just 50 cents a piece! wow

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