Money is a Bad Master- Personal Finance

We all need to remember this, money is not supposed to rule us.  We manage it, not the other way around.  This is a great point from Things We Forget.

And check out some of Erin’s other favorite personal finance websites…

  • LearnVest – Daily newsletter that is packed with money-saving tips and financial how-tos to enrich your life.
  • – Awesome infographics that explain the ins and outs of personal finance.
  • Dave Ramsey – Financial counselor that has helped millions get out of debt and find financial peace and freedom.


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    Have you heard of They have a great program that allows you to do the envelope system with your bank card so you don’t have to pull out the money and it reconciles your purchases and takes it out of the correct “pot of money” for you. We are in the process of changing banks, such a pain and once we get our new account set up we are going to use the mvelopes!!!

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