CLOSED! Monday’s Breakfast and Lunch Cookbook Giveaway

This contest is now closed. You can still enter to win a copy of the book by entering in the new giveaway posted each day. Thanks!

Winners are Susanne…who says, “My biggest struggle is to make a quick lunch for 4 kids that doesn’t make a huge mess in my kitchen ! (we homeschool).”


Julie from Living Life with Less…who says, “My biggest struggle is finding a variety of foods my kids will eat. I feel we are in a rut because they are so picky.”

Congrats ladies!

As we celebrate “Back to School Lunch Week” here on $5 Dinners, I thought it only appropriate to do daily giveaways of my Breakfast and Lunch Cookbook!

This cookbook is filled with wonderful, delicious and easy recipes that will help you get your day started out on the right foot! Here are some of our favorites…



  • Curried Chicken Salad Sandwiches
  • Swiss Tuna Melts
  • Lasagna Roll-ups
  • Chuckwagon Chili

I’ll be giving away 2 copies each day this week…you can enter up to 3 times each day.  Please leave separate comments for your separate entries!

1. Contests will start and end at 7 am EST each day this week.

  • Entry #1: Leave a comment just sharing your biggest struggle with the lunch hour.
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  1. Tori Vinson Whiting says

    My biggest struggle with lunch is finding new and exciting things for my sons and husband! I like to mix it up for them and give them something new, but it’s hard! Would love to have this book, bet I’d never run out of ideas!

  2. Elizabeth says

    My biggest lunchtime struggle is simply time… if something distracts me from preparing something the night before, I am usually doomed to a pretty non-nutritious lunch. :(

  3. Janina Bitz-Vasquez says

    My biggest lunch time struggle is …………being that I am a homeschooling mom of four. 10,8,8,6 time and energy and of course health/variety . I cook most days three times a day. And I would also like to decrease my grocery bill. I trust people like Millionaire/homeschooler Sandi K. if she says she is learning from you and getting great info/tips and savings then Im in.

  4. Julie G says

    My biggest lunch hour struggle is packing well balanced healthy lunches that my kids will eat. I run out of ideas

  5. Lindsey says

    My biggest lunch struggle is being creative! They get the same boring lunches over and over…I am usually in such a hurry to throw it together that the same boring stuff comes to mind – and I grab whatever is closest – which usually isn’t the most healthy/nutritious!

  6. Jennifer Morbeto says

    I would love this book, because I’m always running out of ideas of what to send for breakfast and lunch for my husband, and what to cook for both those meals for my two toddlers. I would love new ideas and especially ones on a budget! Thanks!

  7. Dinah says

    I always find lunch to be hard because we usually eat leftovers from dinner; and if we don’t have leftovers, it’s usually sandwiches and that can get boring.

  8. Kelley says

    Variety is my biggest struggle. I feel we eat the same things every day. I run out of ideas..or forget to menu plan lunches in. We need to spice it up a little!!

  9. Jaye says

    My biggest struggle is packing a workday lunch that can be prepared quickly in the morning and isn’t the same old boring sandwich & an apple.

  10. says

    My biggest struggle is trying to make affordable meals when two of us have celiac disease while relying on my small income. My husband is recently disabled and our income has dropped more than 50% and the medical bills have increased 60%–it doesn’t take much to realize that we are sinking fast. Anything to help with cutting the cost of meals would be greatly appreciated

  11. Debra Gallagher says

    My biggest stuggle is trying to remember which kid likes what. One likes her sandwhich cut 4 ways, one doesnt like crust or meat sandwhiches, one wont eat homemade lunch at all and the other doesnt care and is easy.

  12. says

    Living with a picky eater makes it hard to find something easy and nutritious that will not break the bank as well. He is finally branching out into new foods but I could use some new ideas that might incorporate things he does like-for instance a new twist with peanut butter or chicken.

  13. says

    My biggest lunch time struggle is the peanut butter sandwich rut. Both of my older two love peanut butter sandwiches and it’s so easy just to throw those together and call it lunch. Except that then I don’t want to bother making something else and I don’t love pb sandwiches, so I skip lunch for myself. I would love some fun and frugal ideas to make lunch time better for all of us.

  14. Tara Hargrave says

    I want to streamline and organize lunch because I find I am always scrambling at the last minute. This year we will be making lunch for 3 children so I really need to get organized.

  15. Aimee says

    My biggest struggle is not taking the easy way out – I think my daughter would eat pb&j everyday if I offered it to her.

  16. RobinH says

    Subscribe via e-mail and Facebook. Thanks for all of the great tips. My greatest struggle at lunch time is three-fold — (1) making a lunch that doesn’t bore or become redundant; (2) not spending a bunch of morning time preparing it as work and school eat up that time already; and (3) eating healthfully. Ideas of breakfasts and lunches that my whole family would love but are easily prepared would be great!

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