{CLOSED!} Mohu Twin-Pack Leaf Antenna – Win Giveaways

We don’t do cable. I haven’t had  cable since I lived at home before leaving for college. And to tell you the truth, I don’t mind not having it. We catch things on Hulu, many of the sports my husband likes to watch he can find online or on the iPad. And we do have Netflix for the kids to watch cartoons. All in all, this set up is way cheaper than cable would be. We’ve always used “rabbit ears” for picking up the major networks…but now there’s a new alternative called “The Leaf.” And according to recent test drives, it is the best performing indoor antenna on the market.

The Leaf is a simple device that you plug into the back of your TV and it picks up any TV stations that are broadcasting a signal within 30-35 miles. The Leaf picks up the signal and displays it on your TV – in HD! The Leaf costs $50 (or $40 on Amazon), so if your basic cable bill is $20 a month, you’ll make your money back in three months! In addition to pulling in major networks, it has “omnidirectional” reception (meaning that it should ideally pull in stations from all directions, so if you live smack dab in the middle of 2 cities, you could pull from both cities.)

The Leaf is paper-thin and can be easily hidden behind a picture frame, cabinet or bookshelf without affecting reception, or behind your TV. It powers itself from the TV power, so no additional power cord to wrap up. The set up is super simple and it has adhesive to attach to whatever it is you want to attach it to, using either the white side or the black side. It’s very much a “plug n play” kind of tool that will allow you to pick up stations in minutes!

This week, we’re giving away a twin-pack of Mohu’s Leaf to 2 different winners!

Contest Details

1. Contest ends Monday, November 19th at 3 pm EST.

2. Please leave separate comments for each entry. Winner will be selected by Random.org. Winners will be announced back here on this post, and notified via email with further instructions.

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*Disclosure: I received similar products for review and no other compensation. As always, opinions are my own.


  1. Stephanie says

    We also cut off our satellite and now use Netflix and Hulu Plus to keep up with our shows. Still miss our paid shows though :( Recently our rabbit ears stopped picking up CW & FOX and we cannot seem to get the signal again.

  2. says

    When we moved into our new house 10 years ago, my husband and I agreed that we wouldn’t get cable since our bill was so high leaving our condo. It was our way of trying to cut costs to afford the new place :) It was also how we were going to find time to fix up our house!! Turns out the house came with an antena and we get to watch all the network TV we want. My son only watches PBS and we get to watch prime time TV. It is all free and works out great :) There are a few local channels that we can’t pick up with our old technology but I would love to try out the new way :)

  3. Valerie says

    I review my bill and make sure everything is charged correct. Plus I call my cable company every once in a while to see if they can lower my bill.

  4. Kitty Dulgar says

    The only sure way to cut cable expenses is to cut cable-so that’s what we did — for 16 years. We just got cable for the Olympics and now my men fold are addicted! Help!

  5. Lisa Cox says

    My best secret to save is to not have it! We have rabbit ears and a converter box. Both given to me by my mother. Life goes on without cable! LOL

  6. Kimberly M says

    We have cable but I would love to get rid of it. When we got it, we took advantage of all the free premium channel movies and recorded as much as possible to enjoy movies later when the free trial was over. Also, we use Blockbuster Express ($1 each from a Groupon I got) and RedBox when the kids really “need” to watch something.

  7. Ellen says

    Most of my favorite TV shows are available online, and I get a lot of movies from the library. The library I go to doesn’t have a lot of TV shows on DVD, but I know that some libraries do.

  8. angie mccort says

    we cut our bill by getting a roku ( use amazon prime which we already have) instead of paying for movie channels…also I call and ask for a discount ( I am a good customer another co. is sending me offers….)and usually they give me $10 off per month for a year – need to do that as it just expired last month…

  9. janice obrien says

    I use an outdoor antenna that sways with the wind. I never know what channels are going to come in

  10. Shari W says

    My secret to save money on TV? We don’t have one! We have a set….and it’s even HD, however, because of where we live (down a hill) – the reception seems to go right over us. We were told the only way to even get basic/network channels, was to pay for cable. Well, that’s not in our budget. This option looks like it might work!! We’ve managed by using the internet, netflix, friends’ houses, etc…but I’d love to try this!! (And my kiddo would be thrilled to have TV again…!)

  11. Shari W says

    I’m a newsletter subscriber. (but I just can’t do Pinterest….so I’ll have to miss out on that one. It is way too dangerously addictive to me!!) :-)