{CLOSED!} Mohu Twin-Pack Leaf Antenna – Win Giveaways

We don’t do cable. I haven’t had  cable since I lived at home before leaving for college. And to tell you the truth, I don’t mind not having it. We catch things on Hulu, many of the sports my husband likes to watch he can find online or on the iPad. And we do have Netflix for the kids to watch cartoons. All in all, this set up is way cheaper than cable would be. We’ve always used “rabbit ears” for picking up the major networks…but now there’s a new alternative called “The Leaf.” And according to recent test drives, it is the best performing indoor antenna on the market.

The Leaf is a simple device that you plug into the back of your TV and it picks up any TV stations that are broadcasting a signal within 30-35 miles. The Leaf picks up the signal and displays it on your TV – in HD! The Leaf costs $50 (or $40 on Amazon), so if your basic cable bill is $20 a month, you’ll make your money back in three months! In addition to pulling in major networks, it has “omnidirectional” reception (meaning that it should ideally pull in stations from all directions, so if you live smack dab in the middle of 2 cities, you could pull from both cities.)

The Leaf is paper-thin and can be easily hidden behind a picture frame, cabinet or bookshelf without affecting reception, or behind your TV. It powers itself from the TV power, so no additional power cord to wrap up. The set up is super simple and it has adhesive to attach to whatever it is you want to attach it to, using either the white side or the black side. It’s very much a “plug n play” kind of tool that will allow you to pick up stations in minutes!

This week, we’re giving away a twin-pack of Mohu’s Leaf to 2 different winners!

Contest Details

1. Contest ends Monday, November 19th at 3 pm EST.

2. Please leave separate comments for each entry. Winner will be selected by Random.org. Winners will be announced back here on this post, and notified via email with further instructions.

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*Disclosure: I received similar products for review and no other compensation. As always, opinions are my own.


  1. Sherril says

    I make a point at least twice a year to go to my local cable office and ask what I can do to reduce my bill. It is amazing what deals the cable companies offer when you’re standing there explaining your situation

  2. Melissa says

    I actually subscribe to cable and pay a whole lot of money each month—pitiful me. I feel shame. I would LOVE a LEAF and give my cable the boot.

  3. Stacie Myers says

    Call up your cable company. I’ve found if you call them and tell them you are considering other options, they will often lower your monthly bill to try to keep you. I’ve never had them give me less than 40% off! :)

  4. Lani says

    We nixed cable about 2 years ago and make do with antennas, including one that I made with coat hangers and wood that I found a plan for online :) I really don’t miss cable and hardly watch TV. There is too much going on in life to spend time ‘glued to the tube.’

  5. Erin I. says

    We have Netflix streaming and just watch local channels. Plus a lot of networks have their shows available for viewing on their websites!

  6. Cheryl says

    I would love to get rid of cable; currently need it for our local stations since the last time we tried to use just rabbit ears we got nothing! Would love to try this out & see if it works better.

  7. Taryn S says

    I would love to get rid of cable but as I’ve heard many say ‘it is our only form of entertainment’. Perhaps winning the Leaf would help us to get rid of cable once and for all.

  8. says

    I am rather stuck in a way when it comes to TV. First, for a very, very long time I have refused to pay for cable. I did pay for a short period of time before the digital conversion 10$ a month for basic reception. That’s over. Because I need captioning to watch tv or movies I am limited with Hulu and Netflix. When I do want to watch TV I have my 2nd pair of “rabbit ears” that I use. More often than not I pick up a book instead of watching TV.
    Did I mention I refuse to pay for cable :)

  9. Kathy Jacob says

    We haven’t had cable in a number of years, and our budget would have to increase significantly for us to add that back in. We were given a Roku, and that allows us to listen to music & watch movies on TV through our internet connection.

  10. marie says

    I really need to lose sattlite. We live far out of town and can’t even get cable, and sattelite prices are killing me. I subscribe to your e-mails ans love them.

  11. Patti Keil says

    My husband and I were having the “cable” discussion AGAIN just this past weekend. I want to get of it all together to save cut expenses…he wants to look into switching to sattelite, which is not going to help us save much! This new “Leaf” sounds like it would be the perfect solution! Our cable company offers no real deals to existing customers, not even when we moved two years ago! I would love to win this and tell them to take a hike!

  12. Susan says

    We don’t have cable. I watch some things on hulu, kids do videos/dvds from library. Have a basic rabbit ears antenna as we wanted to watch the olympics. managed to get that channel in! But nothing else. If we put foil on it and tweek it a bit we can find another channel. Liked having it for the live presidental debates. The Leaf sounds great, would love being able to get all the major networks in for sports, etc. without having to constantly adjust or worry about the signal leaving.