Menu Plan Monday – Pantry Challenge Week 3

Menu Plan Monday

We are still going strong on this month’s pantry/freezer challenge! But I’m gonna throw in a new twist this week!


No cold cereal with milk allowed this week!

(As if I need yet another challenge on top of the pantry challenge…but it must be done!)

Breakfast Ideas:

  • Peaches and Cream Oatmeal (using peaches from the freezer…will post recipe later in the week)
  • Pumpkin pancakes
  • Blueberry English muffins
  • Banana Cinnamon Waffles (using up some brown bananas)
  • Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal
  • All with fresh fruit


Monday – Honey Ginger Salmon (I’ll be in Indianapolis, signing cookbooks, but I’ll share a recipe from this past weekend!)

Tuesday – Lemon Pepper Chicken with Chili French Fries

Wednesday – Beef Roast

Thursday – Cranberry Chicken

Friday – Dinner with Beckywhat can I bring?!?

Saturday – Experiment Meal!

Sunday – Leftovers or Sandwiches, Fruit

I will post the recipes each night after I make the meal. If you see a meal you are interested in, please check back for the recipe later in the week!

Current Monthly Meal Plan can be found here!

Thanks to Andrea at Mommy Snacks and Marcy at Stretching a Buck for posting the best deals and coupon matchups at my stores each week!

All the BEST menu plans can be found every week at!


  1. says

    My family allows ourselves a half gallon of milk and one box of cereal a MONTH! The other days we eat oatmeal, smoothies, or eggs and toast – more of the latter than anything else. We actually have a dedicated “egg skillet” that sits on top of the stove at all times and is used for nothing else! It’s a lot of eggs (usually more than 2 dozen a week), but it’s hard to find a cheaper source of protein – especially since we eat organic!

  2. says

    Isn’t it funny how it feels like deprivation to be without cold cereal and milk? When in reality your family is so fortunate to have a mom who will make them all of those wonderful, delicious breakfast foods this week. I say bravo to you!

  3. says

    Good for you!

    When we first started living from our pantry exclusively, we ate the cereal with reconstituted powdered milk. Then when the cereal was gone, it was gone–and I’ve never looked back. We went from there to lots more oatmeal, muffins, crepes, etc.

    I buy my oats in bulk bags of 25lbs. Including borwn sugar, butter, and any toppings (raisins or nuts, but sometimes home canned peaches) we’re at $1 or less for breakfast for 6 of us (my husband usually eats leftovers or potatoes for breakfast); a little more if we include home-canned peaches).

    As we lived 27 months from our pantry and garden before, we also had a lot of fruit salad for breakfast, made from canned fruits.

    We had about 10 months to shop again, and now we’re back to eating from the pantry and garden.

    Besides oatmeal, homemade hash browns and diced potatoes, and eggs (when we were shopping) here are some of the other breakfasts we have, from items in our pantry:

  4. nana29 says

    I need to change my name now to nana210! Having raised 5 children who all loved to eat, I know first hand how meal prep and planning can be overwhelming. But I always planned menus for a month at a time (paycheck came once a month) and breakfast was usually hot because it cost less. Homemade pancake mix made in large batches, oatmeal, rice, and cream of wheat served with various toppings. My kids tell me now how thankful they are that I served them warm breakfasts and good food. They weren’t always that positive when they were at home! :)

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