Menu Plan Monday – October 13th

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian Friends!
Tuesday – Zucchini Omelets
Wednesday – Chicken and Black Bean Burritos
Thursday – Sweet Potato Soup and HM Rolls
Friday – Chicken Succotash
Saturday – Wedding in IN
Sunday – Preschool Bonfire Dinner
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  1. Amy says

    What a great menu! Thanks. I was just sitting here trying to decide what to make for this week and then you posted and saved me the time!

  2. Anna says

    Yum! The chicken and black bean burritos look awesome—definitely going to have to make some of those for my family!

  3. Gneisskate says

    While most of that sounds delicious, there is something wrong with the phrase ‘Preschool Bonfire Dinner’. It brings up some rather disturbing imagery.

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