Menu Plan Monday – March 2

Monday – Chicken and Rice Salad

Tuesday – Tilapia with Brown Rice

Wednesday – Cuban Black Beans and Rice

Thursday – Chicken Fajitas

Friday – Moussaka

Saturday – Chipotle Burritos (FREE!)

Sunday – City BBQ

I will post recipes each night as I make the meal.

Be sure to check in over at Bargain Meal of the Week. Contributors from all over the country update their meal ideas each week as new circulars come out!

For this week’s OH store deals, visit Mommy Snacks and Stretching a Buck!


  1. Your Frugal Friend, Niki says

    Great menu all sounds so good!

    I am particularly interested in seeing that chicken and rice salad recipe.


  2. $5 Dinner Mom says

    Anon- We got a brown bag in the newspaper that said you could come in for free burrito at Chipotle by March 8th. We get my MIL’s newspaper as well, so we can get 2 free burritos anytime this week.


  3. Anonymous says

    We got the chipotle borritos for free too! I snagged MIL’s bag because she doenst like it and we have one from our newspaper! Im hoping we can get down there by next sunday and use it!

  4. michelle.babiesonline says

    Just stumbled upon your blog. Thanks for posting these menus. We have a large family and I’m really trying to find ways to cut our expenses.

    Can’t wait to see the recipes.

  5. Angel Lin says

    wowow this website is so cool!!! $5 dollars!!! I willt ry to start cooking too!!! Its a killer to eat out everyday

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