Meijer $50 Gift Card Giveaway

***Update: This Giveaway is now closed!

Here’s some more gorcery store love for you all! Meijer has graciously agreed to give away a $50 gift card to 1 winner!
$50 is more than a week’s worth of $5 meals, and for some, could be a week’s worth of groceries! (For more on feeding a family on $50 a week, visit Moms Need to Know and read her great series!) What a great challenge to feed your family on $50 a week! Of course, you could use the GC to spoil yourself or get some other necessities :)

Giveaway Details

1. Contest ends Wednesday, February 25th at 5 pm EST. Winners will be announced in Wednesday’s dinner post.
2. Entry #1: Fill out the form below.
3. Entry #2: Leave a comment telling me in what way you promoted this contest (i.e., posting it in a forum, posting about it on your blog, Twitter about it, and/or subscribe to my feed by email or in a reader). I will combine the comments with the form replies before selecting the winner. If you leave a comment without contact information, i.e. blog link or email addy, I will have to delete it :( . Please write your email address like so as to avoid spam. 5dollardinners at gmail dot com
4. Entry #3: Leave a separate comment telling me whether or not you think you could feed your family for $5o a week. Why or why not? Are you up for the challenge???

If you reading in a reader and can’t see this entry form, go here to enter!


  1. Brooke says

    The idea of feeding my family for $50 a week is probably a little unrealistic for me. We are a family of four, but my husband tends to eat a little extra at most meals and my son *who is only 4* seems to be a bottomless pit as well. It is a little difficult for me because neither of them are overweight, so I can’t even give them a little guilt for running up the grocery budget. I love the recipes you share, but in our house they have to be doubled or someone would go hungry. LOL!

  2. judybrittle says

    Right now it would be pretty hard to feed my family on $50.00 a week. My daughter who moved back home with 2 of my grandkids is on a diet and is buying special foods and the grandkids need lunches packed for school and daycare. My husband who recently started kidney dialysis is on a really strict diet and can only eat power foods. We are learning what those include and he will be eating different foods than the rest of us. I like to eat and if I want anything tasty we have to spend extra money again. Sad to say $50.00 just isn’t possible right now.

  3. christinnjon says

    Honestly, I don’t think I could feed my family for $50 a week simply because we are a family of 6, BUT, I would be willing to give it a try and come as close as I could get to $50/week. (does this include breakfast, lunch, snacks and drinks, too? Or just dinners?) I’ll check out the challenge!

  4. Amy in Ohio says

    Like you, I have a husband with expensive taste on some things – not everything, but he’s picky about things like cheese and yogurt and meat. Plus we try to do organic wherever possible – especially for meats and dairy products. I’d love to keep it under $50, but it would be tough. That’s why I’m stalking you, to learn the trick!!

  5. Ginny says

    It would be hard, but I think I could feed my family for $50 a week. Most of our money goes to things that are easy to make, so I’d just have to home cook more.

  6. kelli says

    I don’t think I could feed our family of 6 humans, 2 huge dogs and 2 cats on $50 a week but I could get a really good start! I try to get all the cleaning, personal hygiene and paper products free but produce is pricey.
    Add that to Iams dog food for the puppy and I just couldn’t make it.
    Check out my blog for my latest deals and stockpile photos

  7. Katie says

    I could totally do $50 a week! I love my Meijer and “my” cashier, Dona. She rocks and is so good about my coupons, she even compliments on my skills and says I inspire her to keep clipping coupons! And my store pushes out the reduced produce cart daily around 10:30 am, tons of produce for the cheap!

    dellerbk at gmail dot com

  8. Sandy says

    I can’t feed my family of two on $50.00 a week but I am having fun trying. My admiration to people who can. I can’t wait to send this to all my family and friends.

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