Mega Swagbucks Friday – 1/6

Every Friday, Swagbucks gives away anywhere between 100 and 1000 Swagbucks for searches all day long!  As you accumulate Swagbucks, you can trade them in for gift cards to a number of online and retail stores.  For example, a $5 Amazon gift card can be purchased with just 450 Swagbucks.  So if you score one of these mega swagbucks giveaway of 1,000 swagbucks, you’ll get 2 $5 gift cards just like that! (Yes, it’s true. And yes, it’s that easy!)

Here’s a couple gift card deals that are new or on sale that you can buy with your bucks:

  • eGift Card $5 (550 Swagbucks – Sale!)
  • Bass Pro Shops eGift Card $10 (1229 Swagbucks)
  • Diaper eGift Card $5 (249 Swagbucks)
  • Gift Card $10 (1275 Swagbucks)
  • Paper Culture eGift Card $5 (99 Swagbucks – Sale!)
  • Travelocity Hotel Promotional Card $25 (299 Swagbucks – Sale!)

So if you’ve got some internet searching to do…do it through Swagbucks and win big today!

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