Meal Planning During the Summer Months

It’s tough making a meal plan during the summer months when you are at the mercy of your garden, or what you find at the farmer’s market or CSA box!

I’m sharing a few tips and tricks for meal planning during the summer months over at


  1. Carol says

    I am in the middle of a complete kitchen remodel, which has made the past two weeks extra challenging. We are still without countertops and a sink for another week. I took advantage of sales on meat in the months prior – the local butcher was selling chicken tenders for 1.59/lb if you bought 10 lbs, which I did. I batched grilled most of them and individually froze them. We are starting to get flowers on our beans, zucchini, yellow squash and cucumbers, but until then are eating around our weekly CSA share.

    • Sarah says

      We just finished a kitchen remodel last week. I had CSA produce coming out my ears and was trying not to go grocery shopping for all the stellar deals. When you get your sink in, you’ll probably cry – I did! Good luck and remember it will be worth it!

      • Carol says

        It definitely is! I have been making use of the grill. I also broiled the sugar snap peas and used aluminum foil for easy clean up.

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