March Menu Plan

Like I said Wednesday.

I blinked. And it’s almost March! I can hardly believe it!

It will be cold around here for a bit longer, so I’m trying to squeeze in a few last minute soups and stews that I’ve been wanting to try! I can’t WAIT for the grilling and pasta salad season to be upon us :)

2- Chicken and Rice Salad
3- Tilapia with Brown Rice
4- Cuban Black Beans
5- Crockpot Chicken Fajitas
6- Moussaka
7- City BBQ (local BBQ joint, found a $5 off $25 coupon! This cook is taking a night off!)
8- Chipotle burritos (Free…If we choose to brave the lines! Goody. Another night off!)

9- Mini Meatloaves
10- Tuna with Olives Pasta Salad
11- Italian Turkey Burgers
12- Bacon Wrapped Pork
13- Pumpkin Soup
14- Pork and Beans
15- Tex Mex Chicken and Beans (Thanks Lynn’s Kitchen Adventures!)

16- Kusherie
17- Lasagna Roll-Ups
18- Honey Lime Chicken
19- Beef Roast with Sweet Potatoes
20- GF Chicken Nuggets
21- Spaghetti
22- Beef Soup

23- Tuna Quesadillas
24- El Burgos
25- Some sort of Chili concoction
26- BBQ Chicken and Cornbread Casserole (Thanks Crockpot Lady!)
27- A Fish Dinner, yet to be decided
28- Chicken and Wild Rice
29- Meat and Rice Casserole (Thanks PhD in Parenting!)

I’ll stick to this plan the best I can. I’ll post a weekly plan each week as part of Menu Plan Monday. Then I’ll share the recipes with you each night as I make the meal :)

I’m sharing this over at Frugal Friday at Biblical Womanhood.


  1. Brandislee says

    I totally know what you mean! I just started my March meal plan last night, but my brain stopped working after about the first week. Thanks for so much inspiration in that area, BTW! And you’re in Ohio, right? I used to live there, and we lived a block from a City BBQ- my hubs loved it!

  2. One Thrifty Mamma says

    Just a quick tip for you! If you are planning FREE Chipotle with the brown bag from you Sunday paper this past week, the bag says to use by March 8th – so you could actually have that night off earlier than the 8th! Anytime between now and then! :)

  3. The Happy Housewife says

    Looks like a great month. I just finished my month plan too. Lots of repeats for me since dh will be gone for part of the month.

  4. Amanda from Faith, Food and Family says

    Everything sounds yummy! I need to work on making a menu plan. That’s something I haven’t been very good at. I start looking through so many recipes that I get overwhelmed and finally just give up. I have to get better about it though.
    God bless,

  5. Christie Jarvis says

    hmmm…menu planning for the month….I have never tried that. I do mine for a week at a time but it includes breakfast, lunch, 2 snacks and dinner….many times the snacks and lunch are based on my theme for the preschool too.
    My menu plans also depend on if I have night time activities (ball practice, ball games, church, meetings, etc)
    I will be trying some of your meal ideas though! Love to save some money AND feed my family healthy meals!

  6. Becky says

    I don’t know about your Chipotle, but I can order a burrito online and then I just go to the cash register to pick it up. No waiting in line required.

  7. $5 Dinner Mom says

    Jean- I found the Cityt BBQ Q on the Dayton Daily News website. It redirected me to the City BBQ site and you can print it from there.

    One Thirfty Mama- Thanks for the tip. I figured that out after I wrote up the post. I think we’ll have it Sat night now, as it’s a busy day for us!

    and Becky- I will look into the online ordering at Chipotle! What a cool feature…I hope they do it here!!!


  8. tammy says

    What do you do with your honey lime chicken? Just bake it? Sounds interesting and I happen to have 15 pounds of boneless breasts in the fridge. I’m going to seal some up with honey and lime and hopefully you’ll tell me where to go from there. ;o)

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