Make Ahead Freezer Smoothies

Make Ahead Freezer Smoothies

Here’s one for all you Type-As, Type-A-wannabes, or Type-Bs who love smoothies!

Perfect way to streamline the smoothie making process. Since we don’t use yogurt in our smoothies, I think I’ll just create bags with a variety of fruits. Get the make ahead freezer smoothie lowdown here.


  1. spelsue says

    great idea. I took it one step further this past week. I went ahead and blended the ingredients for my smoothies then put them in baggies (they rest flat in the freezer all blended) and in a couple of our drink containers for our lunch boxes. I did this to help save room in the freezer but it also acts as the ice pack for our lunch boxes. My husband was delighted to open his lunch to find that it had kept his lunch cold and it had started to melt enough for him to enjoy! With the baggies my plan is to pack a straw and drink from one opened corner.

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