Make Ahead Dinners in the Pantry

Loving this “make ahead pantry dinners” idea from Better Homes and Garden. This would work perfectly for “pantry challenge weeks or months” when you are trying to get through your stockpile and use up all the goodies in your pantry.

Pull out the meal ingredients that you need from your stockpile into small bins with weeknight labels. And if you printed recipes from the internet, just drop the page into the bin with the ingredients…no running back and forth to the computer!

Simple way to get organized…and for putting together quick weeknight meals!

Photo Credit: BHG


  1. MKS says

    A clever idea, but it would never work for me. My pantry shelves are already crowded. Where would I ever find room for the baskets?

  2. roshea kelleher says

    what a great idea, however my cabinets are crampy with foods. i usually have rows of food each day it would be a week worth of it. need to come up with better organize for small space ones. would be very helpful :)

  3. says

    I “pinned” this photo awhile back. I just love this idea. I want to build a pantry just so I can do this. I feel like most of my stuff is in the freezer though, so my baskets would be fairly empty.

  4. says

    I love this idea. If only I was a plan ahead kind of person. Erin you want to be my teacher or you could just come over and do it all for me. I like that idea even better. You can just raid my whole house and find what looks good. LOL. I think it sounds like a plan…

  5. jp says

    It might be a fun idea for a wedding shower or house warming – to give ‘baskets’ (or even a grocery bag if this wouldn’t fit in their pantry or they have some other organizational plan) – but use the idea of grouping all the food for a meal together along with the recipe. For a gift giving occassion, you could also include a little note or story about the recipe or how it came to you. If some meals required fresh or frozen items as well, you could include the nonperishables and a ‘grocery list’ on a little card of the items that would be needed to complete the meal.

  6. says

    I am signing up for the pantry!!! I LOVE IT!!! I do the calendar of what we are going to eat and I pull out the stuff for dinner every morning so that it is easy to grab at night when it is time to start dinner. I think that I could put the basket on the counter and pull out the stuff the night before to make it easier since I don’t have a beautiful pantry like in the picture. Sadly, even if I did, it would be overfilled and not so pretty. Andrea if you want me to come over and make your menu plan, I would love to explore someone else’s stockpile and make a plan then Erin will have time to come to my house :)

  7. Lauren says

    What a fantastic idea! And a great way to get the kids involved. I plan the main course, and they can give me their input on side dishes, and then run & get the items to go in the bins. Sweet!

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