Lunch Packing Drawer – Time Saving Tip

I have a new drawer in my kitchen.

Well, okay. It’s not a new drawer. But I’ve revamped all the drawers in the kitchen so that I can have a “lunch packing drawer.” It’s now right next to the silverware drawer, right in the middle of my kitchen…for easiest access.

In my lunch drawer…

  • Reusable containers
  • Snack plastic baggies
  • Premade snack packs (think pretzel bags and trail mix bags)
  • Prepackaged snacks for the lunchbox
  • Lunchbox Love notes
  • Washable lunch napkins (under the lunchbox notes)
  • Reusable juice or water boxes

So now I won’t have to open 3 different drawers and 2 cabinets to get the lunches packed. And on Sunday nights, I can reload the drawer with prepackaged goodies and water boxes, etc.

What time saving tips do you have to share that will make packing a lunch a snap?!

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  1. tamara cosby says

    I am the mean mom that makes my kids pack their lunch the night before school. They make what they like, peanut butter and jelly, etc.

  2. oona says

    I homeschool, but have a tub in the pantry & the fridge that hold healthy snacks I have pre-packed into individual servings. Big time saver!

  3. Lauren says

    I’m always trying to think about what we can have for lunch other than sandwiches – my kids still think lettuce is poison, so salads are not too popular. If I can double dinner and have some lunch options it is a big help.

  4. Melissa says

    I love those ziploc divided containers! I used them all last year to pack my daughter’s lunches. I found some purple ones at Krogers this year that we are excited to use. I have a whole section of sandwich cutters and cookie cutters that I use to make shaped sandwiches.

  5. Jennifer Haines says

    Great idea! I like the reusable lunch napkins idea. I’m just now starting to use cloth napkins for family meals instead of paper and I hadn’t thought about using them in my kids’ lunches. I also am always trying to think of different lunches. My kids and hubby like leftovers so I try to plan dinners for the next day’s lunches. Spaghetti, chicken legs, and tacos are big hits and often cheaper than sandwiches made with lunch meat. I use tortillas a lot and sometimes do quick quesadillas in the morning for lunch. Lunch at my kids’ school is $3.75 so the only day I’ll let them buy is sometimes on Friday, which is pizza day.

  6. Emily says

    I have a 2nd grade boy who really doesn’t need to be teased because of love notes – instead, to show him how much I heart him, we use kid’s jokes. All his friends loved it over the summer @ daycamp. Also, we’ve made empanadas together for his lunch, and got this cute idea for sandwich on a stick here ( which looked like a supercute idea.

  7. Jamie says

    On Sunday I make enough sandwiches for one or two weeks (with 4 kids, it’s quite the job) and throw them in the freezer. I have one bin in the fridge to hold their snacks, fruits, and drinks.

  8. says

    This is a great idea. I love the thought of having everything in one spot. And my 8-year-old who I haven’t yet trained to make his own lunch everyday might really like the one-stop shopping.

  9. Miranda says

    When I do my meal planning the kids do something similiar for their lunches. They write up a week’s worth of meals at once.

  10. Robin Jones says

    This is awesomeness! I have one starting all day kindergarten and a five month old. I need all the help I can get being organized. Now, to implement this in the next week and a half before school starts.

  11. LisaE says

    I am so glad my girls are older so they pack their own lunches but I remember what a chore it is to pack lunches every day…yuck.

  12. says

    I buy the bulk boxes of individual serving size Horizon organic 1% milk. So much easier than cleaning cups and thermos bottles every night, and I have had too many instances of milk in the lunchbox where something wasn’t sealed up right! Hate the cleanup!

    Also, I start planning out lunches when I make my dinner menu for the week. That way we don’t have conflicting lunches/dinners and the kids don’t get bored.

  13. Amanda says

    I attempted to tweet your message, but it was too long! I had to edit it to make it short enough! still used all the correct hashtags and such.

  14. says

    LOVE this idea!! I cleared out a drawer just to do this today. :) Only problem is, I can’t leave any kind of snacks in the drawer or they’ll “disappear” before I can put them into lunches. SO, I have to hide them and pack lunches when the kiddos aren’t looking. LOL!

  15. Lynn says

    Love the idea of getting the trail mix and snacks ready for the week all at once. I find myself rushing to get those things done before heading out the door. I am going to try this!! I am a sahm with 3 kids and we like to go places. This should help me pack the diaper bag much easier and faster!!

  16. Leigh Anne says

    I gotta know how you keep your little one out of this drawer?! My almost 2 yr old dug in our snack drawer every 5 minutes until I finally moved everything back to the pantry lol

  17. says

    My son has the same lunchbox!
    I try to put all the fridge stuff together, the left crisper is for lunch stuff, the right one for dinner stuff. I still have the meat and cheese in a different drawer, and the dry pantry stuff in it’s own drawer, the little bitty containers in their own place…its’ not too bad, but it could be better ! We spend a lot of time making two lunches each night. And a lot of money on portable food and containers! Hoping to get some good ideas here! Thanks for the website.

    • Cheryl says

      1: I prefer using tupperware as opposed to baggies. Reuse and saves environment.
      2: Freeze juice boxes/waters if you use them. My girls do not eat until 1:00 so it works great as ice packs too.
      3: Cut oranges, put in fridge. Apples/bananas for snacks. (since they eat so late)
      4: I ALWAYS send a bottle of water. Fountains are nasty.
      5: Carrots and other veggies work. Thermoses are awesome, change of pace from sandwiches.
      6: Limiting sugar and snacks. Going for more healthy options. They don’t seem to mind.

      I do have a thingy that takes crust off, but only do it on special days. One daughter does not eat a whole sanwich usually anyway…Sometimes no bread works too…

      Exploring is fun…Only a few more weeks of school…THEN they will be eating all the time. lol.

  18. lacey says

    I just love those Ziploc containers with the 3 dividers. I have been using them for 3 years with two kids daily, and have not had to replace the original 6 that I bought. They work great, wash great and make packing lunch so much easier. I started out with the Easy Lunchboxes but they just did not hold up compared to Ziploc which is made on the US by the way.


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