Look…Sprouts! – First Garden Update of 2011

Early this past October I planted a few garlic cloves.  And now that the snow has melted off the planters, I discovered two sprouts.  I look forward to pulling these up in a couple weeks/months.  Then to hanging it out to dry.

I’m thinking about trying a few more varieties for harvesting in the fall!

Have you ever planted garlic in your garden?!


  1. says

    My garden is still under snow, but don’t think that is stopping me. :) I push back the snow to harvest spinach, kale, chard, parsley, dock, and arugula that I planted last fall.

  2. Erroll F. Brosnan says

    I live in Texas, where snow was not a problem until, what, about three years ago?
    Now, the winters here seem endless…for instance, here we are in March, still cold,
    and so it has been since the beginning of October last year. All my treasured shrubs,
    (except the antique rose “Old Blush”) exist no more, and my little landscape is barren.
    Dead and shrivelled are the Oleanders, Bouganvillias, Ferns and lovely Grasses
    That once grew here. Several weeks ago, I planted in pots, some lilies of diverse origins,
    and a couple of weird plants from Australia which are guaranteed to bloom within the
    now short span of my remaining lifetime (i.e. forty years), however, I cannot believe in
    this . They, like all the others before them, and I, myself will perish,
    Victims of the dreadful winter with its hideous, freezing hands?

  3. Deb CLaytor says

    I have never planted garlic, so could you share more info.
    We do have a garden, just never did potatoes or garlic, but
    am willing to do so.

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