Link Up Your Recipes – $5 Dinner Challenge

No recipe from me.  I spent the day in rental cars, buses, trains, planes and automobiles. There is nothing happening in my kitchen tonight!

(But it’s nice to be home.)

What budget recipes do you have to share this week?!?!

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    Thanks for hosting these recipe exchanges! Hope everyone enjoys a frozen treat thrown in here with my Hot Chocolate Popsicles…… the best part is (besides being delicious, of course) they only cost around $0.75 to make 10 of them. Woohoo!

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    I just have to say that my Ice Cream Cake is not necessarily a “healthy” recipe (with the Oreos for a crust) but…..I love making my own hot fudge sauce, because I know it has “real” ingredients….personally, I usually don’t eat the crust, but just stick to the ice cream and hot fudge! LOL!
    Thanks for hosting, even with your busyness!!!! :)


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