Lettuce Burger Wraps

So we made our burgers this past Sunday night. And there were only enough buns for Steve and Grandma.  I could have used regular bread instead, but I went for the lower calorie option. (Shedding postpartum baby weight is taking a little longer this go around!)

I just took some of the large leaves from a Romaine lettuce head and wrapped the patty up with some red onion and condiments.


How do you like your burgers?!?  Got any fun variations to share.

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This a great idea for cutting calories but still enjoying a burger! I’m looking for ways to shed postpartum baby weight after my first is born in May. This is going on my list!

I have been eating them with lettuce like this since going gluten free and it is not bad. Plus, like you said it is lower calorie and carb this way.

I love to do mine with ground turkey breast, freshly grated garlic, balsamic vinegar, and a little olive oil and black pepper. Then I top with reduced-fat pepper jack cheese and salsa. YUM!

haha, we have that in Korean culture, you get lettuce and various spices and dab on the korean bbq, and beef and voila. munchies! :) I think there is a lettuce wrap @ cheesecake factory as well.