Last Minute Holiday Centerpieces

Sharing some simple, low-cost ideas for your holiday centerpiece over on! Start looking around the house and get creative with the items that you have…you might surprise yourself with what you can put together with items you already own!


  1. Christie says

    Neat idea! I’ve used my pine cones from my front yard for centerpieces and holiday bags prepped with tissue paper for empty corners of the living room and entry way. Makes it easy to toss gifts in and go too!

  2. Judith says

    I had a green charger I got for a dollar to take a dessert to a party. I put a flower pot with some fake greenery I had lying around in the middle and put a green candle in the center of the flower pot. I surrounded the flower pot with pine cones I had gathered for a craft and tied a red bow around the flower pot. It turned out nicer than I thought and got tons of compliments.

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