Last Chance at the Farmer’s Market

I stopped at my favorite farmer’s market yesterday to pick up some mini pumpkins for my son’s fall party at school. The plan was to just get the pumpkins, but I quickly glanced at the “50% off” section and there were still lots of goodies ready to be sold to ME! I grabbed as many golden delicious apples as I possibly could, while holding onto 2 zucchinis.
I went to pay for my selections and it was just $2.18 for the lot. $.18 for the 2 zucchinis and $2 for 5 monster apples. Are you serious? I couldn’t believe the prices! The sign said they were closing on Friday. The last days of my favorite market!
As I was getting back into the car, I thought, I’ve got to get some more zucchini. I know I will be needing some for future recipes I want to try, and some that you all sent in. And I know I won’t want to pay $2 for 1 small zucchini in the dead of winter. Summer squash in the winter travels a long way to get into the grocery store! I’ll settle for the $.09 zucchinis at the end of the season!
I grabbed 3 more and went up with my change to buy them. Told her I would dice ’em and freeze ’em for future recipes. She said, “Take them. I’m glad to know they will be used!”
What a blessing! I came home, diced up the zukes, put them into baggies in meal size portions and then into a freezer bag. Then it’ll be quick and easy zukes for many upcoming stews and other dishes! I marked the price…just in case I forgot that I got them for FREE!

I brewed up another batch of crockpot applesauce last night! She told me that golden delicious are perfect apples for applesauce because they are naturally sweet and cook really well. She is right! Made for a great snack while I watched Private Practice!

Oh, and the Peppers! How could I forget about the peppers! She gave each of my boys a pepper, for “trick or treating”! Look for those tonight in the chili! Free! Get how I like free!!!

Did you use your local farmer’s market this year? Why or why not?


  1. Trudy says

    Wow !!!! Congrats on finding a great buy. Our farmer’s market has already closed unfortunately for the season. I really miss it. I love your blog.

  2. tina ( says

    We didn’t use it this year because we joined a CSA (Community Supported Ag.) where we get a weekly box of veggies. I won’t do it again…it’s been too hard to plan ahead with not knowing what I’ll get and then once I get my box I’m scrambling to figure out how to use everythign before it goes bad. (Any idea how to use about 10 turnips and 25 radishes?) I want to go back to our Farmer’s Market next year, so I can pick and choose according to what I want to make. Our market is on Saturdays only though, and has lots of farmers coming in each week. It’s rather busy, but I’m looking forward to going back next year.

  3. Becca says

    Thats awesome! I did that with several pounds of zucchini from our garden. Of course I now have no freezer space.

    I don’t shop at my local farmer’s market for a few reasons. One of the big ones is that the same people have stands and these people all sell to the local restaurants and grocery store and price it accordingly. Occasionally you can find a great deal, but even the pies are made with frozen store bought berries. Why, oh why. Especially when the fruit is in season. It makes no sense. (yeah I know because I asked if they had a blackberry patch, only if you count the local grocery store’s frozen aisle)

  4. Blakely says

    I love the local farmers market, but I don’t use it as much as a should. Actually, I didn’t use it at all this summer, but our’s is open all year round.

  5. Betsy says

    I don’t shop at our farmer’s markets much because everything is organic and priced accordingly. It’s been disappointing to pay more at a farmer’s market than I would at Kroger. However, we have a great local produce market that gets much of their produce from local/regional sources and their prices are fantastic.

  6. Sherry says

    We love our farmers market the big one. Unfortunately, it is 25 minutes away for us and with the gas prices as they were we didn’t go as often. I hope to next year though.

  7. Anonymous says

    Our local produce stand puts everything half off the day after halloween so they can clear it all out and turn into a christmas tree lot. I buy stuff that holds longer like root veg, cabbage, potatoes, hard squash and apples.

  8. Erin says

    I love our farmer’s market, and we have it 4 days a week at our local park. Unfortunately, we live in a city where organic and/or local are more than double the price for the same in season items at the grocery store. I have to say it’s still nice to run out to the farmers market before dinner and grab a nice veggie to go with dinner!

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