Kroger Shopping Trip – The “Last Week and This Week” Edition

Shopping with the $5 Dinner Mom

So last Monday I barely made it off the couch. I mustered up the energy to get the kids to and from school. And couldn’t manage to get to the store.

So I went on Thursday morning. The place was dead. And I ran into my friend Carrie! She was there with her little girl, and I had all three boys with me. Despite the fact that both her daughter and Ryan were acting shy, I think I caught them making eyes at each other. 😉

Before we go any further, I’ve got a budget update for you!

For the past umpteen months, we have been operating on a $60/week budget. Sometimes it’s a little more, sometimes a little less…but on average we have been spending $240-250/month at the grocery store. With all the newly apparent food allergies/intolerances for Tyler, it is stretching our budget even further….s0 we have decided to up our grocery budget to $300/month or $75/week average. This will give me more room to get the uber expensive ingredients like coconut yogurt and GFCFSF shredded cheese, and oat-free cereals.

At present, Tyler doesn’t eat dairy, soy, oats, and pears. We have an appointment later this week to determine if further testing is necessary. We settled on a formula that he likes and I’m hoping to switch over to rice milk after he gains a few more pounds!

Here’s the haul from last week. It proved to be quite the workout pushing the cart, with at least 2 kids riding along plus all the groceries!


I splurged and bought Rolos. You’ll find out why soon enough!


  • $1.18 Chex cereal (used printable coupons that are no longer available, but there is a $.50/1 Chex coupon in this week’s paper)
  • $.19 tomato paste – used $.75/1 Muir Glen coupon
  • $.19 boxes pasta – after sale and newspaper coupon
  • $.69 boxes taco shells – after sale and newspaper coupon


  • “The usual” plus kiwis, kale, red cabbage


  • $.99/lb chicken – split, drumsticks, thighs (I bought 6 packages)
  • $2.49/lb chuck roast – Will use it for 2 meals
  • Italian sausage

    Total spent at Kroger: $80.37 + $20ish that Steve spent on Monday

    This Week’s Kroger Trip

    Not quite the haul as last week! But I did run into 2 other friends at the store yesterday! It’s been a good “friends week” for me at the store! So fun to get to catch up!


    • $.28 each Steamers – used $.50/1 coupon that doubled, $1.28 sale price
    • $1.79/lb chicken breast
    • $1.99/lb ground chuck
    • $.50/1 cans tuna
    • More $1.18 Chex (I did order additional coupons to go back later this week to buy a bunch of boxes. I will likely do that, along with make a stop at the health food store later this week!)

    The rest was mostly produce, milk and some ginger! I’m going to crystallize it and use it for a topping on some muffins later in the week…

    Total spent at Kroger: $46.17

    Total for the month: $146.54

    My grocery store’s ad scan and my “Shopping FAQ!”

    Thanks to Andrea at Savings Lifestyle and Marcy at Stretching a Buck for posting the best deals and coupon matchups at my stores each week! Find the coupon match-ups for your grocery store at The Frugal Map!



    1. Kimberly Parkes says

      I love your photos of food! What do you plan to do with the kale? I know kale is really good for you but I never know what to do with it. thanks!

    2. Cheryl M says

      I was out of town over the weekend & The Bag was gone from the mailbox before my husband could grab it. I’m hoping that chicken is on sale here too since I just went down to the deep freeze & there is no chicken & I’m sick as a dog & want chicken noodle soup.

      How do you crystallize ginger?

    3. sheila says

      Our family loves Kale in White Beans (White Bean & Kale soup), we also drizzle olive oil and coarse sea salt and bake until just crisp-oh my-so good!

    4. diana moretz says

      allways look for coupons and good deals i have a support group for single mothers who are in the need of food for they children looking for any great suport that can help or any companys you know that will donate food and clothing for children and mothers

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