Kroger Shopping Trip – The Soapbox Edition

After waking up to a string of interesting and not-so-pleasant emails about my shopping cart soapbox, I’ve decided to add to my soapbox! This is not about getting out of the way…it’s about paying attention and being courteous!

Shopping with the $5 Dinner Mom


I need to step up on one of my soapboxes for a minute. It’ll be quick, I promise.

This summer I have been shopping with all 3 kids. I take my time. I don’t fret if I miss a deal. I don’t bother going back to the produce section from the other side of the store if I forgot something. And I bring an extra dose of patience and save it for the inevitable meltdown in the checkout line because either a baby is tired, or a big kid is upset that I won’t buy them Twizzlers.

I have more or less mastered the art of pushing around a 100 lb + grocery cart. I have more or less mastered the “ok kids, you can switch places when we get to the lobster tank” routine. And I have more or less mastered the art of preventing the Twizzler meltdown.

Getting on soapbox now…

If you see me, or any other mom or dad, pushing one of those massive car carts filled with groceries and kids through the grocery store…leaning towards the ground and pushing it as if they were one of those crazy body builders who push and lift cars and trucks on ESPN…

GET OUT OF THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!

If you find yourself accidentally in the way of a monstrous cart coming at you, at least move out of the way quickly and say excuse me. Common courtesy, right?!

Yesterday I had a cart full of groceries, not only my own, but also some items for a church event I’m hostessing this week, in addition to the baby and the biggest boy (totally nearly 75 lbs)…and I can’t tell you how many times people went right in my way without even apologizing or moving quickly to get out of the way. Including Kroger employees.



The rusty, stubborn wheels don’t help either. WD-40 much?!

Please be courteous to those who are pushing these mini-tanks around the store. Get out of the way. Pretty please.

Ok…hopping down off my soapbox now.

On to the deals…


After several weeks of great sales, this is not a stellar sale week for Kroger. I basically got the basics! I also had to grab a few things that I wouldn’t normally buy…but we have 3 events this week that required some “special ingredients”…like mint extract, and some extra bread and lettuce. And no, I won’t be using the mint extract, bread and lettuce for the same meal!


  • $.99 Hefty Sandwich Zipper Bags
  • $1 Cooking Spray
  • $1 Dial Soap
  • $.49 bread loaf – On sale $1.49, used $1 best customer coupon
  • 2 $.19 Muir Glen tomato paste – used $.75/1 Muir Glen coupon


  • Almond Milk – Half gallon – Free item catalina from last week


  • Organic Lettuce and Spinach- $2 per pack
  • $.39/lb bananas – Bought extra to freeze for smoothies
  • $1.25 Cantaloupe
  • Apples and sweet potatoes to make baby food

Other Coupons Used

  • $1 off for $5 fresh fruit purchase
  • $1 Hefty Sandwich Zip Bags

Total spent at Kroger: $67.34

I also stopped by the farmer’s stand down the road to get squash for more baby food and for Summer Garden Ratatouille (recipe coming soon). $7.50

I also paid up for this summer’s Farm Fresh Eggs. $20.

Total for the week: $94.84

My grocery store’s ad scan

Thanks to Andrea at Mommy Snacks and Marcy at Stretching a Buck for posting the best deals and coupon matchups at my stores each week!

Find the coupon match-ups for your grocery store at The Frugal Map!



  1. Beth H says

    Thank you for stating what I would think is the obvious, but obviously not, because it happens with me all of the time down here in FL! Hopefully some of your readers shop at your Kroger! :)

  2. Demetria Elms says

    Oh, I feel ya! Mine are 4, 2, and 6 months old. I have my coupons in order the way I will work the store. Thank goodness for those “car carts.” It’s still a challenge, though. I really love the “funny carts” at Target. 2 seats, place for baby, and plenty of space for some groceries. Their diapers and clearance (and the Starbucks inside) make it so worth the trip.

  3. says

    ….or people who don’t knwo the grocery store “rules”:

    – You get like a 2 ft. “walk away from the cart zone”. If it is going to be more than 2 ft., take the cart with you.
    – If you must stop the cart, move to the side of the aisle – never ever ever ever right in the middle
    -If you get in the check out lane and have a wait, you can ONLY leave your cart to retrieve something off the end-cap or display directly behind you. Any further, get out of line and take the cart with you.

    (I guess I needed a soapbox too, huh?)

  4. says

    I just want to point out that it shouldn’t matter if you have kids and a big cart, people should be courteous period. Just because I don’t have kids, doesn’t mean that people shouldn’t get out of my way too.
    Sorry, getting off of my soapbox now.

  5. says

    I am so glad I am not the only one that is having a problem finding great sales at Kroger. It just doesn’t seem like they have been running the same great deals as I was once able to get. Also, I am glad to see that I am not the only one that has had to up my grocery budget. Sometimes I feel like I can’t “live up” to the budgets of others! Ha!

  6. says

    I feel ya! When I grocery shop, I shop for 2+ weeks at a time with 4 kids (ages 9-2.5 months). It isn’t an easy task in the first place, but throw in a bulging buggy, and it makes it down right work. Thankfully, there are a lot of courteous people around here, but it’s still annoying when peeps purposefully get in my way!

  7. says

    AMEN!!!! I find with 6 children, people feel the need to stop me or block me to tell me it looks like I have my hands full, repeatedly as I try to get thru the store. I would think if someone looks like they have their hands full, I might help them with something instead of blocking their way and trying to make a negative comment!

  8. maria says

    I can’t stand the people who decide to stop and chat in the middle of the aisle and then give ME the dirty look when I say excuse me! Kroger employees NEVER seem to watch where they are going……that’s the 1 store I never let my 5 year old walk in (luckily she likes their carts)! I’m hoping for a good Kroger sale this week, it’;s been awile. Rockin’ sale or not, I am looking forward to shopping this week because I’ll only have the little guy with me!

  9. Schroder says

    OMG – what about the ppl walking around or standing talking on their cell phones? That drives me crazy. The MOST craziest thing is when they are in the U-Scan line and just chatting. Once i asked the preson to get off the phone and finish what they are doing cuz the line was backed up.


  10. Siri says

    I totally agree! However I must admit one thing that I find is HEAVEN is going grocery shopping on the weekend and leaving my three kids (5, 3, and 1) home with their father. Option #2 is shopping at Shop Rite and putting the older two into Scrunchy’s Playhouse – it’s free babysitting! Why don’t all grocery stores have that? It’s wonderful! Just wish they would take the baby too…but then he might end up with pink nail polish on his toes too, just like his older sisters do when they come out of that place. :)

  11. Cheryl M says

    THANK YOU!!!!! I totally agree with you & Natasha–I have been running into more & more people of all ages (when I am with or without kids) who are just plain rude; like their time is more important than anyone else’s.

    & I have debated shopping at Giant Eagle for their kids place too

  12. Lauren says

    Your soapbox made me laugh. We learned quickly after our son was born that pushing a stroller doesn’t get you any extra respect or courtesy.
    We can’t really change the way other people act, but we can use this as a good reminder of how we should act.

  13. Esther says

    I live equidistant to 2 Krogers, and though I’d prefer one “city” to the other, I go to the newer one because it’s bigger and easier for me, as a mom, to navigate!

  14. Jessica McCloud says

    i LOVE my kroger for their deals and their excellent deli, meat dept. and produce section, HOWEVER i am consistently SHOCKED at the way the employees who are restocking the shelves will NEVER be courteous and share the aisle. especially the baby aisle, which we are always getting MANY items from. I try to smile and be nice, but I just want to scream “Look, you would not even have a job restocking shelves if it were not for those of us who are trying to buy these products, so please stop gossiping in large groups in front of all the pallets you are blocking the rest of the aisle with and let me get to the dang diapers already!” stepping down from my soapbox, too. :)

  15. Jennifer Mackey says

    I think your Kroger experience is reflective of the Dayton area shoppers as a whole. Unfortunately, they are rude. These same people are the same people who will drop a door right in your face while you’re carrying a baby. I’ve had it happen to me. I think society needs a manners makeover.

  16. Sarah says

    After two bad Kroger experiences last week, I was actually happy to read this post (and the comments too). I was starting to worry that maybe my “rude-meter” was reading people incorrectly. Nope. It’s them!
    I usually go to Kroger right after taking my daughter to school and wow. The restocking crew acts like you are a major inconvenience and the clerks are barely civil. There were some pretty decent deals at my Kroger (Bakers, since I’m in NE), so I stopped in.
    I have to say that the deals are going to have to be pretty fabulous to get me in there again.

  17. Lauren M says

    I would like to agree with Natasha – it doesn’t take having kids in your cart to require respect and politeness out of others. Common courtesy should be for every human, not just moms. Thanks again to Natasha for reminding us all of that…

  18. Ellen says

    They didn’t have those big “car” carts when my kids were young but frankly they seem like way more work than the regular carts because they seem much harder to maneuver. My kids were 3 years apart (just had 2) so I only had one in the cart at a time and the older one walked with me. I remember my mom, who had 3 under 3, telling me one of her favorite times was when she got to shop alone. No Krogers around here so can’t compare stores but I think many people are just unaware of others. We all have our pet peeves about things (cell phones and driving or shopping!) but it just seems like many people are not AWARE of how their actions impact others, be it driving or grocery shopping or letting their dogs run loose.

  19. Julie Schott says

    I don’t have any direct trouble with the people in the supermarket, the problem is with my kid wanting everything with a character in their box… And they are strategically positioned right at her eye level! Come on! even soup cans and organic food??!! Give me a break…So if a trip is supposed to be 20 minutes, it takes me 5-10 on each aisle (with the usual conversation: “can I have this?” no, “why?” because it’s not on the list, “why?” because we don’t need it, “why??” because I don’t want to buy it- followed by a crying spell and offerings of time out, can you tell she’s 3?), so it ends up being about one hour in the end. And I just love the looks people give me, like I’m being mean to her or something (normally from people with no kids- you can tell who has children, they just look at you as if saying, “i feel your pain”) So now Peter and I have a better way, I go shopping, and he takes Lara for a daddy/daughter date. And we are all happy :)

  20. Sara says

    Ok, so I don’t have kids. But I feel, kids or no kids, EVERYONE needs to be courteous in any store. It can’t possibly be that difficult to be aware of your surroundings and to understand what it means to be thoughtful! I’m glad you broke out your soapbox!

  21. Mommy says

    I loved the comment about people telling you your hands are full and then standing in the way! I had twins about the time my oldest turned four. I tried to not go to the grocery with all of them, but many times had to. People would stop me to ask if they were twins and then comment on “better you than me”. It was so annoying when I was trying to navigate through a store. Anyone who says “better you than me” deserves the comeback “you’re right – they are better with me”. Mine are now 13 (twins) and seventeen and I’d give ANYTHING for one day back with them little!

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