Kroger Shopping Trip – Ringing in the New Year

Shopping with the $5 Dinner Mom

We are back home. After 2 1/2 weeks of being away for the holiday! We had an amazing time in TX with my family for the holidays…including getting to celebrate and start wedding planning…as my sister got engaged! :)

And now it’s back to life and back to reality (sung with the tune of the En Vogue song)…

First stop, the grocery store!

I’m hoping to get back to our regular $60/week budget this month, after a few months at $75/week and a couple of pantry challenge weeks in December where I just spent $35/week at the store.

This week I got the basics, a few snacks, and a bunch of ground beef.  I’ll be on the road most of this week and next, so I decided that I should make a big batch of spaghetti sauce and taco meat for the guys to enjoy while I’m away…more on that later today!

I also took advantage of the sale and BOGO coupon for the coconut milk.  It’s not something I normally buy, but I thought it might taste great in our smoothies. (On a side note, there are a bunch more great smoothie recipes in my new Breakfast and Lunch Cookbook!)


(I apologize for the fuzzy, dark iPhone photo. That’s what happens when I shop late at night!)


  • 2 Coconut Milk for $1.25 each – $2.50 sale and used buy one get one store coupon
  • 5 packs of $.19 baby carrots
  • $2.26 organic chicken drumsticks – used $1/1 store coupon
  • $1.99 Pistachos – used printable coupon (that is no longer available)
  • About 5 lbs ground beef – used $2/$10 store coupon

Other Coupons Used

  • Store coupons for apple juice, newspaper coupon for Cuties oranges, $1.50/2 catalina for Almond Milk

Manager’s Specials

  • Baby Carrots

Total spent at Kroger: $64.15, plus got $1 off next order for buying 2 Almond Milks

Total for the month: $64.15

My grocery store’s ad scan

Thanks to Andrea at Savings Lifestyle and Marcy at Stretching a Buck for posting the best deals and coupon matchups at my stores each week! Find the coupon match-ups for your grocery store at The Frugal Map!


  1. Allison says

    Okay, I need to know….what are you going to do with all those carrots? Are you making baby food? If not (thankfully my little lady is on table foods now), I’d love to know how you’re going to either use up or store that many carrots!

  2. mary w says

    Coconut milk is great! I usually get it fot 79 cents at a middle eastern grocery store. Great in smoothies and rice pudding. Add to chicken broth based soups or rice as part of the liquid and you’ve added an asia taste.

  3. Nicole says

    I use a can of coconut milk with beef strips (or cubes), onion, carrot and potato in a crock pot stew with some curry paste, cumin, etc. My family loves it.

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