Kroger Shopping Trip – The “Post-It” Edition

Shopping with the $5 Dinner Mom

So I was cruising down the aisle (and by cruising, I mean flying) at Kroger when a flash of green went by.

I barely saw it.  It was just a flash out of the corner of my eye. But I knew right away what it was.

I stopped. Turned around. And asked a complete stranger if I could take a picture of her post-it note.  Because one, I am a self-professed post-it note addict. And two, I think it’s genius and I had to share it with you!

Sticks right on the handle of the cart. Doesn’t get lost among the items in your cart. Or get stuffed into your purse as you grab two things off of the shelf at once. Or chewed on by your baby in the cart.


The medium size post-it pictured above would work for a quick trip into the store. But I have no doubt that the fine Post-It folks make a longer sticky post-it for those bigger trips.

Thank you dear stranger for letting me take a picture of your Post-It. Other than being a self-professed Post-It addict, I promise I’m totally normal! Well, maybe not totally!?!


Now…onto the deals…

Highlights – $1.50 Almond Milk, $1.19 Rice milk boxes (I like to have these on hand for baking…I’m still making my own rice milk), $1 Hummus containers, 4 $.50 Frozen spinach, 2 $.99 bread loaves

Produce – Yeah…there are finally more produce deals! Broccoli, apples, bananas, carrots, cole slaw for $1, lettuce for $1 and more…

Meats – Ground Beef for Burgers on the Grill and other things

Coupons Used- 2 $.50/1 Blue Breeze Almond milk, $.70/2 Kroger apple juice (store mailer), $.50/2 Green Giant, $.30/1 Yoplait Greek Yogurt

This week we made up for last week’s splurge, and we are right on target for the $50/week mark for April!

Total spent at Kroger: $44.95…plus a catalina coupon for free Silk Almond milk!

My grocery store’s ad scan

My grocery store’s coupon match-ups

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  1. says

    Great idea, but I contest the “baby won’t chew on it” bit. My kids would still rip it off and injest it. In fact, one of the first pieces of paper I found in a diaper was part of a post it! Great idea regardless, though!

  2. jan says

    maybe I should send a picture of my ‘hands-free’ shopping list system. (no kids, so it’s safe) I use a steno pad sheet (with the center line) and use one side for one store and the other side for another store. This way, if I see what ‘looks like a bargain,’ I’ll know it’s better or less so at the other store. This list also goes to Costco with me if I get there.
    (I can flip it over and use the other side for next week to save paper)
    I use a clippy clothespin and hook it on the back of the ‘baby seat.’
    Clippys are the vinyl-coated wire clothespins.
    This way, I can check prices, dig through shelves and hunt without losing the list.

  3. says

    I am addicted to post-its, also. Usually they go on my Blackberry! Never thought of putting it on the shopping cart handle! Will have to try that. I only use them for little shopping trips. And those post-its with the lines on it rock!

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