Kroger Shopping Trip – October 5th



As I mentioned yesterday, I didn’t plan to get much at the store this week.  Putting away last week’s groceries was a bit of a challenge because the fridge and both freezers are F-U-L-L!  So this week is the Pantry-Fridge-Freezer Challenge at our house!

I didn’t get anything for free this week.  I didn’t use any coupons.  And that’s OK!

I did get what was on sale (ground chuck $1.79/lb, 4/$1 apples, AJ $1.29/bottle, milk $1/half gallon, strawberries $1.68/box, and a HUGE broccoli bunch for $1.62) and I did only spend $20 and some change! 

This week, we will use up what’s already in the freezer.  I’ll bake some muffins and/or cookies for snacks and we’ll make some more space for the meals on the “Stock the Freezer” list for post-baby!

Also, I wanted to share a few thoughts.  If I may.

For the past few months, I have had it in my head that “This is my grocery budget for the week/month…let’s see how much I can get using that set amount of money.” (For September, $60/week)

It occurred to me as I was putting groceries away last week that my stockpile is built.  I have no room for more. 

So why not just get the produce, eggs, and milk that we will need to get through this week???  And just spend $20, instead of $60.

It was strange.  It really was.

I only had the items pictured above in my cart and it was odd.  We even went through the Express Checkout Lane.

No full cart.  No going up and down the aisles. No hunting for coupons for that unadvertised deal I spot when I’m in the store.

I was in and out of the store in 15 minutes.  With the kids!  I actually had some energy left to get the groceries into the car and then into the house. In one load.  Thanks to my reusable bags, I didn’t have to walk waddle back and forth to the trunk over and over to retrieve the week’s groceries!!!


All this to say…there are many more benefits to a Pantry-Fridge-Freezer Challenge Week than saving $$$…you’ll have a little extra time and energy at the end of the day too!

Total spent at Kroger: $20.43

Don’t believe the prices??? Check out my grocery store’s ad scan from this week!

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  1. says

    We have been doing the same thing around here. Bare necessities. I have found that the stockpile is so well developed at this point that there is no need to spend every penny of the budget. I save it all up for when the really good sales hit.
    Congrats on the baby!

  2. Erma Kelso says

    The Kroger store I go to will not accept computer printed coupons.
    Last week they were having their 10/10.00 sale and their yams
    were l0/10.00. a dollar a yam.
    Went to HEB and yams were .99 lb–then went to smaller grocery store
    and they were .77 lb.
    A peave of mine is apples and squash is being advertised now as being
    plentiful and yet the prices are not dropping-and certainly not in Krogers.l

  3. serena Ludovico says

    I wish our prices were as cheap as yours. In our area they are triple! Do you have any store suggestions for San Mateo, CA?

  4. Anna says

    Wow…sounds like Vanessa is a sale-hater.

    I’m not sure where you all are, but here in SE Michigan, those sale prices are totally feasible.

    I just went through my stockpile and pulled out things I haven’t used in a while. It’s about time for the yearly donation to the soup kitchen. Frees up space and makes my heart feel good. Remember to keep others in mind as the cold weather comes upon us!

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