Kroger Shopping Trip – November 9th

Shopping with the $5 Dinner Mom

This week I went to Kroger. Determined to get through the store without my water breaking!  That has always been my biggest fear…ever since hearing that in a labor video when we were in the Dominican Republic (my oldest was born there and there were no birthing classes.)  I digress.

I will say that I am most impressed with the customer service at Kroger and Walgreens.  I wanted to knock out my errands first thing in the morning while I still had a few ounces of energy.  So I braved it and took the kids.  By the time I got to the checkout it must have been painfully obvious that I was struggling. Talk about a pre-natal workout!!!

So they loaded all the groceries onto the conveyor belt (leaning into the depths of the cart to pull things out would not have been pretty at this point!), helped me out to the car, put the groceries in the car, even lifted the kids out of the racecar cart!  And at Walgreens they carried my diapers out to the car for me. My back and belly say,  “THANKS!!!”

I was at Walgreens to take advantage of this amazing Huggies diaper deal (except I got 5 packs) (See tower below!)



The personalized store coupons from Kroger came on Saturday.  And I knew that I needed to use some of them before baby…lest I forget about them in the blurriness and haze of having a newborn!

**If you have a Kroger Plus Card and you are not getting personalized “best customer” coupons in the mail every 8-10 weeks, then stop at the customer service desk and request these!


Free – I had LOTS of free item coupons from various places…mailings, free samples, General Mills trip…so I decided to take advantage of those this week.  I was afraid I might forget about them and they’d expire.  What I got free: 4 large boxes of Kix, Herbal Essence Shampoo (from P&G mailer), 2 cans Dole Fruit, 2 sausages, 2 bags lettuce (store mailer), dozen eggs (store mailer),

Produce – Used a $4/$20 Produce coupon from Kroger mailer, Bananas for $.39/lb (stocked up to freeze for smoothies), 2 pineapples (used this coupon), squash is still $.49/lb!, Clementines for $3.87/3lbs. (I imagine this isn’t the best sale price…should be lower as we go through winter.)

Cereal – My last major cereal stockup happened in August.  And it was about time for another one.  And I’m SO thankful that the Rice Chex was included in the GM cereal promotion this week!  Rice Chex is the boys’ favorite (and it’s GF…although we are not entirely GF, I limit gluten where I can!).  And it’s RARELY on sale…and runs $3.50/box!  Eeks.  With coupons, this week I bought a few boxes for $1.89/box.



Total spent at Kroger: $56.42

Total spent at Walgreens: $27.46 – $3.75 Caregivers Marketplace ($.75 per pack) = $23.71 for 5 packs!

Total for the week: $80.13

Don’t believe these prices? My grocery store’s ad scan!

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  1. says

    Oh how I miss my Kroger and those cost cutter savings! (There is no Kroger in my vicinity these days) I had to laugh because during my last pregnancy the employees at my local Kroger insisted upon unloading my cart and helping me to my car.

    I’m enjoying your budget friendly meals. Keep up the great work!

  2. Kimberly says

    My local grocery store chair only doubles one coupon for one item. When I have multiple coupons for multiple selections of that item, eg. 3 tuna coupons for 3 tuna packs… how can I maximize my savings? Do I need to do them in individual purchases… can I do that without going to the car and going back in.

    Thanks – working mother of two very active boys!(2.5 and 4 months)

    PS: I love your site. I have been checking out your site ever since I saw you on Rachael Ray.

  3. Michelle L. says

    I just thought I’d let you know that I contacted Kroger regarding the “best customer coupons” to which you frequently refer. I was told that you must spend a minimum of $200 per month to receive these coupons.

    That seems ridiculous to me. I feel like I’m being punished for not being a huge monthly spender. I do shop at Kroger and I buy several Kroger brand items on a weekly basis (such as yogurt, buns, and peanut butter), but that’s not good enough for a coupon here and there. Anyway, I thought this might clarify things for people who are wondering why they aren’t receiving the coupons.

  4. says

    Thank you so much for posting this plus your links to the on-line coupons. I used to coupon like crazy but got burned out. I knew with a new baby coming I needed to get in gear, but was a bit overwhelmed. Today, on a “whim”, I remembered your deals at Wal-greens. I still had the ad in the recycling pile, got the online coupons you posted, found ones in ads I’d been saving (but not going thorough regularly) and we now have a decent pile of diapers and pads for the baby and me for the first few weeks. Thank you for putting your work online to help me get going again!

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