Kroger Shopping Trip – November 2nd

Shopping with the $5 Dinner Mom



It was the 10 Item Mega Event again this week.

But I screwed it up!!! I miscounted. I only had 39 items, not 40.  So I missed out on another $5 in savings.

I knew my total should have been right around $80…or a little over.  So when it came out to be $86, I knew something was amiss.  I didn’t figure it out until I got to the car.  Too late. UGH!

It was still a great trip.  My final “stock-up.” It’s just too difficult for me to push a cartful through the store at this point.  So I’ll just be bopping in for produce and milk/eggs in the next few weeks.  Post-baby.

Free – 7 packets of tuna (both Bumblebee and Starkist), Playtex gloves, 4 cans Rotel, and butter spray

For $1 or less – 4 Smart Balance (dairy-free) butters, pads and pantiliners, pomegranate, 6 bags chocolate chips, 2 granola bars, 2 bread loaves, yogurt, 6 boxes Kleenex, 1/2 gallon milk, 1 lint roller

Produce – $1 Pomegranates was the only highlight! Oh, and the $2 pineapple, thanks to coupon found here!

Coupons Used – $40 worth!

Total spent at Kroger: $86.67

Way over my $60/week budget…but I have no doubt that I’ll just be spending $20-$30 the next several weeks…or longer!

My grocery store’s ad scan!

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  1. says

    I did the same thing last week (19 instead of 20!) but I went back in and went to customer service and they let me buy an additional item and gave me $4.01 back! So for future reference, Kroger customer service rocks!

  2. carey says

    I always make little tic marks at the top of my grocery list.. otherwise I would totally not be able to keep up with the number of participating items.

  3. says

    Me too! Last week I counted my things twice before I went through the checkout. I knew I was supposed to have 80 things. Twice I came up with 80, once I came up with 77. I went through. The cashier asked how many 10-deals I was doing and I told her 8. When she was done scanning, I asked how many came off (after I scanned my card) and it was only 7. She was great and printed off a copy of the receipt so I could count the 10-deal items (they are marked with a [+]) while she worked on my coupons. Sure enough, I needed 3 more. She scanned through 3 more Gatorades and told me I could go get them after I was done. Awesome KROGER!!!!

  4. lo says

    I agree with Jenny- I’m sure you can head back into the store and show them that you accidentally bought 1 less item than was needed and they will refund you the $5 minus the difference of the item!
    I actually went in the other day and saw they were out of a lot of items so I asked the manager when they would be coming back in and he not only answered my question he apologized and gave me a free $5 gift card for the inconvenience!

  5. says

    Double UGH! I HATE it when that happens!! Oh, well – you have the right attitude. When I started my frugal adventure, I promised myself not to be too hard on myself. There are still times when I have to tell myself that I am doing my very best to save money for my family and we are far better off then if I would not have taken this adventure on in the first place. I am only human – occasionally, I will make a mistake. Now that my hubby has taken over shopping duties, I tell him the same thing. Great job – you are so wonderfully prepared for the baby’s arrival!

  6. Sassy Stephanie says

    Looks like you are loaded up for baking season! LOL

    I made a run today and saved $165! Whoo hoo! Spent a little over $65. The best I’ve ever done!

  7. says

    It’s NOT too late! Just take your receipt in to customer service, pick out that extra item, and they’ll fix it for you. I did that, too…but I bought the WRONG sized item, so it didn’t count. They let me return the wrong item, buy the right item, and I STILL walked out w/ cash in my pocket. So cool!

  8. Rhonda says

    I line the bottom of my cart with carrying baskets (usually 3) and put groups of 10 items in each basket. Thankfully none of the items I’ve purchased in these types of mega events are too big to fit in the baskets.

  9. Heather says

    I do like Rhonda mentioned, but instead of baskets, I use the Home Depot clipable shopping bags. They clip to the side of the cart. They are HUGE and hold tons. So I toss all of my mega deal items in the bags and everything else goes in the cart. I only did a 20 item deal earlier this week, but I swear I counted to 20 more than 50 times trying to make it work. They were out of tomatoes and I never found my hot sauce. I hate making it up as I go….

  10. Aimee says

    My husband and I went yesterday and used 2 carts, one for the $5 off 10 items, and one for other items, they had so many good deals though that we ended up with one overflowing cart (which we weren’t about to count lol) and one cart half full. Got $400 something worth of groceries for $202 -saved 53% whoo hoo ($37 in coupons) You are inspiring to me, I love reading your blog, Congrats on your new little one coming soon :)

  11. Rebecca says

    Did that last week. Lost out on $5 too. I was pretty mad but I had made $12 in ECB at CVS earlier and $9 in RR at Walgreens so I was consoled.
    That’s the first time it has ever happened to me but it happened to my mom once and I know it’s aggravating all the way around.

  12. barbara says

    It is not too late! If you go in and buy one item, they will give you the difference back. You do not even need a receipt! They will recall it on your Kroger plus card! I’ve done it before!
    I love Kroger!

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