Kroger Shopping Trip – March 15

Shopping with the $5 Dinner Mom

It’s the March to Savings Mega Event week…Buy 8 participating products and save $4!  Matchups and details here!

And don’t forget to play the March to Savings game…you can play daily!!!

PLUS, Kroger and Shell have partnered up to offer more savings options for gasoline!



8 cans of diced tomatoes for $.24 each, $1.27 packages of bacon, 4 AJ for just $.99 each, 2 packs soap for just $.49 each

Free – 2 Bumblebee Tuna

Produce – Cuties, $1.99 Pineapples, $.79 Cantaloupe, bananas, avocados

Meats – BOGO Beef Roast…comes out to $1.99/lb

Coupons Used – 2 $1.50 Oscar Mayer Bacon, 2 $.75 Rice Chex, 2 diced tomatoes newspaper coupons, $1/2 Irish Spring newspaper coupon, 2 tuna newspaper coupons, 1 clementine oranges newspaper coupon, 2 $1/2 Oscar Mayer delimeat newspaper coupon

Manager’s Specials – Bread

Total spent at Kroger: $52.06 + $9.16 on Saturday for the chicken I forgot last week LINK

Total for the week: $61.22

Total for the month: $175.19

My grocery store’s ad scan

My grocery store’s coupon match-ups

Find the coupon match-ups for your grocery store at The Frugal Map!

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  1. Shelly says

    FYI: The Oscar Mayer Bacon Q is no longer good. I just tried it. “Due to high demand…” yadda yadda yadda

  2. says

    Good deal. I’ve made a plan to go shopping later this week and I’m planning on getting some juice, diced tomatoes and soap too, along with several other things, can’t wait! I’m loving these mega events and the March to Savings game too!

  3. Theresa says

    So, yesterday I was soooo prepared for my amazing Kroger shopping trip. List in hand, stacks of wonderful coupons, ready to stock up and save! Then disappointment which I rarely experience with Kroger.

    First, throughout the store they were out of sale items. No diced tomatoes, vitamin water zeros, dial soap, and more.

    Then as I am checking out, the cashier hands me back four of my coupons and shows me 2 notes from corporate.
    Note 1: maximum of 2 printable coupons per transaction
    Note 2: due to faudulant (sp?) activity, no printable coupon for more than $.99 will be accepted.

    The people are great and I still got plenty of good deals, but I was so disappointed.

  4. Theresa says

    I forgot to mention, the notes were from corporate, but it could still be regional. I’m in southeast Virginia.

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