Kroger Shopping Trip – The “Going to the Gym and the Grocery Store in Same Day” Edition

Shopping with the $5 Dinner Mom

I’m here to tell you…that going to the gym and to the grocery store in the same day is just not a good idea.

And the time that I spent in the garden yesterday, tilling, bending, planting the cold weather veggies, did not at all help my sore legs.

I am a “runner”-ish. I enjoy running. I enjoy the challenge of half marathons. And I enjoy being outside, exercising all my stress away.  But I can’t always get outside with all the kids. Especially with the cooler weather still hanging around. We have a double jogging stroller that I can take 2 of the boys in for a run…but I have 3 boys. And the oldest isn’t quite old enough to ride his bike along. So I joined a gym this past fall/winter. To keep moving and keep healthy.

When I go to the gym, I usually run or do the elliptical. But in the past few weeks I’ve decided to add spinning and rowing into the mix. A little cross training.

(I’ll tell you the real reason. While I’m not a vain person, I do want to look my svelt-est in the strapless dress that I’ll be wearing in my sister’s wedding.)

That being said. Sunday afternoon I just about killed my hamstrings in the garden. And Monday morning I decided it would be fun to do the elliptical for 45 minutes, and then row for 6 minutes. And by fun, I really don’t know what I mean by that!

By the time I got to the grocery store on Monday afternoon, it was nothing short of a miracle that I could push the cart. My legs were sore to the touch and my arms were on the verge of shaking from rowing.

My good friend Toni thinks that I should create a “power shopping workout video.” Perhaps we we are together in May, we will go to the grocery store and film an “80s style” video for you all. I have a feeling it would be something that goes viral on YouTube!

Picture this: Me…with big 80s hair…in leg warmers and a sweatband…doing OJ bottle curls down one aisle, and doing the grapevine back and forth around the meat department.

What do you think?!  Should I do it?!

And now for our regularly scheduled shopping trip…

Before stopping into Kroger, I ran into CVS to take advantage of the olive oil deal. 2 17 oz. bottles for just $5.98!


First of all…I’m terribly sorry about how unorganized this photo looks!  I like to put everything in order so you can see what I’ve purchased. I blame it on a little “issue” that I had at the pharmacy, picking up Tyler’s reflux meds. It took them awhile to process a new insurance, so T and I were at the store much longer than normal.  And then ended up rushing to get the groceries unloaded and put away before having to pick up the big brothers from school. *sigh*



  • Bananas, sweet potatoes, lettuce, berries, pineapple – some of the usual. We still have lots of oranges, apples and grapefruit leftover from last week.
  • $.59 green peppers!


  • 2 breakfast sausage rolls – on sale $2.50 each, used $1.50/2 newspaper coupon
  • 3 delimeats – used 1 $1 off printable coupon (no longer available) and $1/2 store coupon
  • We don’t need too much meat this week…as we have a church dinner, a birthday dinner, dinner with friends and a sleepover night where we’ll make pizza!

Other Coupons Used

  • Store coupons for Apple Juice, GF EnviroKids bars, lettuce bag

Also, I’m expecting my quarterly shipment of Organic Maple Syrup from Amazon…costs me nothing OOP with Swagbucks!

Total spent at Kroger: $77.72 plus $5 back for next week!

Total for the month: $94.50 + $5.98 + $77.72 = $178.20

My grocery store’s ad scan and my “Shopping FAQ!”

Thanks to Andrea at Savings Lifestyle and Marcy at Stretching a Buck for posting the best deals and coupon match-ups at my stores each week! Find the coupon match-ups for your grocery store at The Frugal Map!



  1. claire7676 says

    I also took advantage of the $5 gift card when buying 4 GM cereals at my Kroger in NC. Just FYI – and I also hear this is happening in other parts of the country as well – if you have loaded the e-coupons onto your Kroger card, you are no longer allowed to use regular coupons for the same items. The e-coupons come off automatically, so you are not given the option to not use the e-coupon and use a paper coupon if the paper coupon is a better deal (i.e. your doubled $0.50 coupon might be a better deal than the $0.75 e-coupon). If I had known that before checking out, I might not have purchased the cereal at Kroger. Also, along with this new policy, I encountered an issue where one e-coupon that was loaded to my card for cereal was applied to Fiber One bars instead. It wasn’t really an issue, but just be aware that e-coupons may not always get applied to the exact item they are listed for.

    Here is a link to a blog which I believe is in GA about Kroger coupon policies changing there as well:
    Kroger stores in the Houston area have gone even further and are no longer allowing double coupons…

    I surely hope this isn’t a trend that will continue throughout all Kroger stores (as far as ending doubles). :(

  2. Briana O. says

    I had the same issue with E-coupons on my kroger car and the coupon from the newspaper for cereal a few weeks ago…It was my first week of actually using coupons, and was very discouraging to say the least:-( it made me doubt that I understood what I was doing..It was actually slight embarrassing as every coupon the scans, came up with an “error” and they had to manually key it in and check the items I received..there were a few people in line behind me that were definately frusterated:-(

  3. Jodi B says

    I posted something like this last week and don’t think I got a response. I guess it is JUST getting around. Also, i guess Erin doesn’t do the Ecoupon combo with a paper coupon normally. However, if you scan your Kroger card AFTER they scan your coupons, the Ecoupons WILL come off anyway… but, you won’t get as many gas points. So, either more coupons with less gas points or less coupons and more gas points. You choose!

  4. Jennifer says

    Hmm… gas points will get you 10 cents off per gallon instead of the usual 3 cents off per gallon with your card, for a net savings of 7 cents per gallon. Even if you fill a 20-gallon tank, that’s only a savings of $1.40, which is likely to be less than the savings you’d get from your e-coupons, so I’m thinking you’d be better off scanning the card after the coupons.

    Besides, you get a whole month to accumulate gas points.

  5. Alicia says

    The Kroger coupon policy is somewhat new- I read about it on frugal fritzie where she posted about the sad change, but I can see how frustrating that would be to encounter at the store. But hey someone had a great idea- scan your card last after your coupons and then you get anything that will still apply, brilliant!! :) I love seeing great deals being had, cant wait to snag a few of my own. Totally funny about the workout in the store, LOL!


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