Kroger Shopping Trip – early May

Shopping with the $5 Dinner Mom

I’ve been on more grocery store runs in the past week and a half than I went on in all of April.

Charlie has come down with strep throat, so I made a special trip for some popsicles while they were filling his antibiotics. I actually bought 2 boxes because I have no doubt that Ryan will be getting it later in the week because he drank from Charlie’s cup just minutes after I warned him not to.  Guess we’ll let “natural consequences” play out on that one!

Oh, and just so you know…my doctor said that strep throat is “spreading like wildfire,” so don’t hesitate to take your little ones in if they just have a fever and complain that their “tongue hurts,” as Charlie did this morning!

So I’ve spent way more than I wanted to on groceries these first few weeks, but life happens.  I’ll try to recoup “my losses” in the next few weeks!


(I apologize for the iPhone quality photos.)

Trip from May 2nd – Free item coupons for Carnation Breakfast and the 4 Alouettes, plus $1/2 Rice Chex.

Total spent: $26.52.

Trip from May 3rd – Used free Almond milk catalina coupon, 2 $1/1 Blue Diamond Almond Milk, $1/2 Rice Dream ice cream catalina coupon, bought 4 products from the $4 off P&G promotion with coupon matches from P&G insert.

Total spent $54.37

Trip from May 9th – Used store mailer coupons for the apple juice and carrots.  Used 4 Turkey Bacon coupons and scored some $1.19/lb ground beef.

Total spent: $43.05

And pictures not included for…

1. Trip to Trader Joes…spent $22.05

2. Trip from this morning for Popsicles and acetaminophen…spent $7.03

Total spent for May: $153-ish

My grocery store’s ad scan

My grocery store’s coupon match-ups

Find the coupon match-ups for your grocery store at The Frugal Map!

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  1. Beth says

    I was introduced to Alouette just a few weeks ago. I condemned my sister for teaching me about the glorious yumminess. Can you tell me how you got it for free?


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