Kroger Shopping Trip – The “I Blew It to Save My Husband” Edition

Shopping with the $5 Dinner Mom

OK…so I already blew it.  My grocery budget that is.  But…I could justify it as medical expenses. Sorta. Kinda.

Let me explain.

On Saturday Steve ran in the Air Force Marathon.  Tyler had a doctor’s appointment first thing Saturday morning…and the plan was that we’d head up to see Daddy finish the marathon after the appointment.  We *should have* had plenty of time to get from the doctor to the race…except for one little problem.  Daddy was running about 1 minute/mile pace FASTER than he intended. That may not sound like a lot faster, but over 26.2 miles…that is major.

So, he calls as we are on the highway and tells me he’s already at mile 20. (Now I need you know that that he is speaking in a strong and confident voice. Not huffing. Not puffing. You’d never known he’d already run 20 miles and had 6.2 more to go.) I told him to SLOW DOWN…we weren’t going to make it…we were going to miss him cross the finish line.

The other reason I told him to SLOW DOWN…he was going too fast.  He didn’t train that  fast. And I was worried.

Nevertheless, he kept on running with the pace group he found and he didn’t slow down. We missed his finish by 6 minutes.

So we found him as he came out of the food area, we stood in line to get his bag, we stopped for a few minutes to watch for his mom…who was walk/running the half marathon. (Yes…his mom…who is in her *ahem* 60s!!!) Then we headed to the car. It was then that he started to waver.

And waver. He sat. We waited. We strolled slowly to the car. He sat. He drank some Gatorade. He drank some water. Then we headed towards home.

(Anyone notice what he hasn’t done yet…and told me that he had.)


I’ll spare you all the details…but it wasn’t pretty.  I managed to get him home and onto the couch. And then I went straight to the grocery store to get him all the things he was asking for.

Chicken nuggets.

Mashed potatoes.

French Fries.

Salt. Salt. Salt. Salt. Salt.

I returned home and he refused to eat what I had bought him. We had a few moments that involved me turning from nice wife-nurse into dictator wife-nurse. This dictator needed her marathon man to eat. Now. NOW! He was pasty looking. He was sleepy. He wasn’t listening.

It was eat or go to the Emergency Room. (This is when he perked up and started to listen to the dictator.)

So being the manly man that he is. He ate.

And he drank salt water. The alternative: go to the ER for an IV.

(Please know that I was in touch with my sister, who is a physician, this entire time. If he had needed immediate medical attention, we would have sought it out.)

(You should also know that for a brief second he acknowledged that he ran too fast and pushed too hard. But that was at his lowest point.  Now that he is fully recovered…”It was the best race ever!”


All this to say…I blew $50 on Saturday buying Gatorade, chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes, blueberry muffins, Ensure, french fries.  Anything with salt, fat and lots of calories!  So we’ll be way over budget this month…but not if you count all this as a medical expense?!

Here’s what I bought for this week’s “normal” groceries…not an amazing sale week, but some good deals nevertheless…



  • 2 $1.50 Silk Almond Milk – Used $2/2 coupon from this week’s paper
  • 4 $.25 Green Giant Spinach – Not free, but close…I don’t think there will be a $1 sale  before my coupons expire! Used 4 $.50/1 Green Giant Coupons
  • $5 Scott’s toilet paper – Used $1.50 store coupon


  • 2 packs ground beefUsed $1/$5 beef purchase coupon

Total spent at Kroger: $60.10 (It’s a good thing I had a dime in my wallet…as we’re back to cash and all I had with me was 3 $20s and some change!!!)

My grocery store’s ad scan

Thanks to Andrea at Mommy Snacks and Marcy at Stretching a Buck for posting the best deals and coupon matchups at my stores each week!  Find the coupon match-ups for your grocery store at The Frugal Map!



  1. says

    Congrats to your hubby for finishing! My husband did the same thing a while ago, only he got pulled into the ambulance because he passed out, then he signed himself out of the ambulance to finish the race, and still only missed his goal of 3 hours by like 10 minutes! (MEN!)

  2. Catherine says

    Congrats to the husband!!! My husband does triathalons so I totally get it. Sometimes the budget must be blown as life gets in the way! My budget buster this month was hurricane prep for Earl which is just spit at us – at least I’m prepared for the next possible power outage event.

  3. says

    Great post Erin! We all have weeks like this where someone gets sick and you end up purchasing things you hadn’t planned on buying but $50 in groceries is MUCH cheaper than a trip to the ER. Congrats to your hubs. I always run about a minute faster/mile at events than I do when training. Something about being around other people amps me up. :)

  4. Steve says

    This one will go down as one of my top races of all time! My 3rd marathon and a personal record. I praise God for giving me the strength to run and finish. Thanks Erin for taking care of me and watching for me ( I admit I needed the food). Let’s also not forget that Dominican Republic race during Semana Santa that was an incredible race for me in that heat. Maybe that story will show up in another post. Also, congratulations to my mom who finished the Air Force 1/2 marathon!

    Hope you are having a great day in NYC running with Meb and Jared

    Steve- aka the Hubs

  5. susan says

    erin~ i totally get the blown budget for health reasons. my oldest dd had her tonsils out and i probably spent $40 in popsicles, juice, sherbet etc. that she refused to eat….glad steve did so well and that he was fine.

  6. Fiery says

    I would totally consider the Saturday special trip for Steve a “Medical Expense”. It sure could be much cheaper then an ER visit depending on your insurance.

    Congratulation on a spectacular race Steve!

  7. Rachel says

    I LOVE this blog. It makes me smile every time I read it. Steve is inspirational for running the marathon and Erin is inspirational just because she does everything she does and still makes me laugh!

  8. Jenny Miller says

    Great Story!

    I’m glad you finally listened to your “dictator-nurse-wife” and ate something, Steve. Kudos for your personal best in the race, though – but next time you’d better EAT!

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