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Another Mega Item event going on this week…more on that next week.  I did get 10 items this week because 5 already were on my list.  And plan to get some more for next week.  If you have a Kroger nearby, this is your BIG CHANCE to stock up on chocolate chips.  Consider ordering extra chocolate chip coupons from this Sunday’s coupon insert…because they are just $.99/bag after sale, promotion and coupon!!!  They won’t get any cheaper than that!

Think holidays coming up…

Lettuce bags…just $.59 each!  It was a deal…that turned into an ordeal!  Sorta.

I couldn’t believe the price of these bags of lettuce.  They were set apart from the others, reduced for quick sale. Of course, I looked through the bags and picked out the ones that were freshest.  Went on my merry way through the store (can’t you just see me whistling as I roam through the store.  ha!).  Rang up my groceries and it came out to $61.27. 


Because I calculate my groceries as I go along…and it should have rang up under $60.  I chalked it up to tax I didn’t figure in (there is no sales tax on food in Ohio, but there is on other merchandise in the store), or perhaps one of my electronic coupons didn’t come off.  So I scanned my receipt as I slowly walked out of the store.  And sure enough.  1 of the bags of lettuce rang up full price at $3.99.

No thanks!

I don’t pay $3.99 for a bag of lettuce.

So I went to the customer service desk and explained.  They verified and refunded my money.

It really wasn’t much of an ordeal.  I only share it as a reminder that to check your receipts to be sure that items are rung up correctly!!!

Produce – The $.98 raspberries were still on sale this morning…because they were trying to get rid of them.  And I’m so glad…because we ate them all last week before I could make the Chocolate Chip Raspberry Pancakes that are on my “Stock the Freezer” list

Broccoli was on sale for just $.79 a bunch.  THAT is a stockpile worthy price.

But how do you stockpile broccoli?

Blanche and freeze!

This price is better than last year’s price.  And likely won’t be this low again until next year!

Total spent at Kroger: $61.27-$3.99 = $57.28

I do plan to stop in at Walgreens for the olives that are on sale and to use up some Register Rewards that are about to expire. I should just pay out of pocket for sales tax for the week…so I’ll stay under my $60-a-week-during-September budget :)

My grocery store’s ad scan!


  1. says

    Do you know what the requirements are for Kroger’s special coupon mailings? I used to get them when I shopped there frequently, but they have stopped sending them. I am hoping to start shopping there again for most of my groceries, but I was curious if you know if they have a minimum amount that must be purchased to be eligible for those.

  2. Christy says

    Do you shop by yourself or with the boys? Just curious since what you do seems to take a fair amount of focus that is hard to have with toddlers underfoot.

  3. Kim says

    Just wanted to share how you are inspiring me. For some reason, I always thought that you couldn’t use coupons on BOGO items… but yesterday’s grocery shopping trip proved me wrong. Emboldened by your blog, I saved $29.42 and paid only $83.14 for a shopping cart that included a dozen boneless, center-cut pork chops, two pounds of ground turkey, two packages of Toll House morsels, couponed (is that a word?) frozen veggies, juice and a new product to try: Yoplait Delights yogurt parfaits (chocolate yogurt is my new “treat”). Plus a few assorted other shopping list foods. My splurge items included in the tally were four greeting cards and a beef flank steak. Wow!

  4. melissa says

    this cracks me up, it’s the same way i shop at Kroger. After observing many of my picnic lunches, my friend asked me “do you ever eat anything that’s not on Manager’s Special?” lol… No, I don’t!

  5. Linda says

    It’s interesting how here in Central Indiana, we have the same staple sales, but not the same produce sales. Anywho, I just finished my Kroger shopping trip, and took advantage of two MegaSales with coupons. I saved 48%. Total would have been $80.47, I paid $41.78. I stocked up on some frozen items, cheese, dog treats, and lunch meat. I too get the Kroger coupon mailings, and had a blast matching it all in order to save. (I know, I’m just a barrel of fun!)

    ….and I’m still grabbin’ and cookin’ the .88 per lb. whole chickens while I can!

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