Kroger Shopping Trip



Nope. You’re not seeing things!  There are 11 boxes of cereal.  And 4 gallons of milk!

I won’t need to buy cereal anytime soon!  Rice Krispies are the boys’ favorite…and baby boy #3 must like Raisin Bran, because I’m on a bit of a Raisin Bran kick myself!


Get 2 gallons of milk for every 4 Kelloggs products purchased…I bought 10 Kelloggs products, so got 4 gallons free! More details below…

2 free Chiquita Bites – Used this coupon and an e-coupon from Upromise

Free lettuce head, free Honey Nut Cheerios

Produce: Cantaloupe, Peaches, Corn, Red Onions…all on sale!

Apple juice, pasta noodles, sliced cheese and delimeat…all on sale!

Chicken breasts: There was a sale on chicken breasts this week…$2.49/lb.  But that’s not quite low enough for me!  I went for the almost 2 lb. packages of split breast chicken that were only $1.79/lb.  Plus I used the $1 off Tyson coupons from 8/2 insert to maximize the savings.  

Kroger Mailer Coupons: I used quite a few coupons from the Kroger mailer that comes every few weeks.  Below is a list of those coupons that I used:

  • $.35 Kroger applesauce
  • $.35 Kroger apple juice
  • $.40 organic canned tomatoes (ended up with a can of organic tomato paste for $.29!)
  • Free Lettuce coupon
  • Free Honey Nut Cheerios coupon
  • $5/$50 purchase

Manager’s Specials: While on my hunt to get some name brand English muffins that were on sale and that I had a coupon for, I came across store brand English muffins that had been marked down to $.49 each.  I could get 4 marked down English muffins for the price of 1 name brand English muffins after sale and receipt!  I grabbed 4 bags and tossed them into the freezer just when I got home.  Perfect for quick breakfasts!!!

Kelloggs Rebate Deal

Each year just before school starts, Kelloggs offers a $10 mail in rebate when you purchase 10 Kelloggs products in the same transaction.  Seeing that select Kelloggs products were on sale this week, and I had several $1 off Rice Krispies from Vocalpoint and $1/2 coupons for the Raisin Bran cereal (8/2 Kelloggs insert), this was a deal and rebate that could not be passed up.  Plus throw in some free milk!

For a total of $9.50 (after rebate), I got 10 boxes of cereal and 4 gallons of milk!!!

Sign up here to print your Kelloggs rebate form.  Form was also available in the 8/2 Kelloggs coupon insert last week.  Simply fill out the form, send it in and check will be mailed to you.  Remember, the 10 Kelloggs items must be in the same transaction on the same receipt!  Original receipt must be sent in with the form.

Total spent at Kroger: $57.42 (-$10 Kelloggs rebate) = $47.42

Total for the week (with CVS and Walgreens): $23.67 + $47.42 = $71.09 

Because I get ALOT of emails or comments a week asking about the prices in my shopping posts, I thought I’d include a link to my store’s ad scan each week!


  1. says

    Great shopping trip! I see so many people who find great deals at Kroger, unfortunately we don’t have one near here.

    Do you freeze your milk or will you drink that much before it goes bad?

  2. Tracey says

    Kroger is awesome! Here in Texas, they are doubling coupons from .50 up to and including $1.00 this Saturday only!!!!!!

  3. says

    We don’t have a Kroger here. Oh well, I do the best I can. Tomorrow I’m going to Trader Joes so I shop there with most of my list. They have competive prices and food is yummy, especially their fish sticks. Good stuff made with great ingredients, rarely MSG. I have a particular cereal I eat so I buy 5 to keep me ok for a month. It’s a drive to get there so it’s not a frequent shop for me. We have our favorites there. No coupons though.

    Stop by my blogspot to see the potato salad for 35 servings. Made it for a friend’s daughter’s wedding buffet. Cost of it was about $5 but it took awhile to make, but homemade is great. Pictures and recipe!! Would love to share it with you!!

    Thanks for your inspiration, Erin!!

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