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Shopping with the $5 Dinner Mom

It was an “off” week for me at the grocery store.  It was “off” because the sales were “off”…just not that stellar.  But that should be no surprise because there have been some fabulous Mega Event sales the past few weeks.  The pattern I’ve noticed thus far…a great 2-4 weeks worth of sales, then and “off” week.

So this was the off week.

No major stocking up going on this week.  Just maintaining and getting the regular produce, milk, a few packages of meat, eggs, yogurt…the main weekly staples.



Free – Nothing!

Produce – $1.67 Strawberries…not bad for this time of year!

Meats – 2 ground chuck for $1.79/lb and 1 stew meat for $2.49 on Manager’s Special…THINK BEEF KEBABS!!!

Coupons Used – Store coupon for applesauce & Raisin Bran, 3 coupons for the breads, $1/1 Almond Milk, $1/2 Rice Chex cereal

Total spent at Kroger: $49.93…squeaked in just under my $50/week for this month!

My grocery store’s ad scan

My grocery store’s coupon match-ups

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    Yeah, I noticed this is not a great sales week at Kroger, althought some of the produce is fairly good price at my store. Asparagus is $1.99 / lb and white grapes only .99 cents / lb, so I might have to pick some of those up and a few other things possibly.

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