Kroger Shopping Trip

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Shopping with the $5 Dinner Mom

Bear with me here…this could take a few minutes!

On Saturday I had a rare moment without the big boys, so I did something I RARELY (as in once a year!) do.

I went on a deal shopping spree!

Stop #1 Walgreens – For the $.50 containers of Quaker Oats (On sale 2/$3, used 2 $1 coupons)

Stop #2 Kroger – 1 bag of $.30 frozen veggies (after $1 sale and newspaper coupon)

Stop #3 Walmart – To exchange a box of diapers that I bought (stockpiled) awhile back…but he grew too fast…so I needed to trade for a larger size.  Instead I got a smaller package, some wipes, and organic brown rice cereal for the little man when it’s time for him to start eating solids!

All of the above for $1.30! (Remember, I exchanged a big box of diapers!)’


Also, my next bottle of organic maple syrup arrived.  I shared back in October how I got a great deal on maple syrup free from Amazon, using Swagbucks!!!


Now for my regular weekly Kroger Shopping trip!


Free – 4 tuna pouches, on sale for $1 and used $1 Starkist pouch coupons (IE link) or (FF link)

Produce – Bag of $.69 lettuce (salad for lunch!)

Manager’s Specials – 2 cans of organic whole cranberry sauce ($.69 each), 1 bottle of agave nectar ($4.49, reg. $9), Quart of soy milk ($.99)  ***To use for pancakes and waffles in this week’s No Cold Cereal Challenge!

Other – 4 bags frozen veggies ($.50 each after sale and coupon), 4 organic greek yogurt cups ($.50 each after sale and coupon, but got a $1/1 coupon back!)

Thanks to Mommysnacks for her Kroger coupon matchups!

And here’s the proof…atop the laptop, while I was reducing photo sizes in Photoshop, on the road to Indy on Monday!

Total spent at Kroger: $26.87

Total for the week: $28.17

Total for the month: $68.31

Left for next week’s shopping trip: $31.69

My grocery store’s ad scan

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  1. Laura J. says

    That is great. I have been shopping the same way lately. Quick question: I got the Greek Yogurt for free at my Kroger…I want to try something new…what can I cook with it?

  2. says

    You mention that you will be heading to Indy on Monday. I live about 45 miles away and wonder if there is an event you’re traveling to & one I might attend.

  3. Kimberly says

    question for you…How do you come across all the manager specials at Kroger? Do you know when they mark them down and what area they’re in? I know I’ve found bagged lettuce marked down occasionally, but it seems you’re in the know on this! Thanks!

    • says


      There is usually a basket of marked down produce…usually the bagged lettuce and mushrooms. It’s there almost every time I’m in the store. As for the other organic products, every few weeks they put out a basket of markdowns in the organic section of my store. I just got lucky this week!

      I also always check for meat/chicken markdowns as well.

      Just ask the department store managers when the put out their markdowns!

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