Kroger Mega Event Sale – $.49 Electrasol, $.19 Post cereal, FREE Rotel, $.19 Hunts Tomatoes

One of the ways that I can manage to stay on a $60 a week grocery budget that includes toiletries and household products is by “stockpiling”…and this week, there is the PERFECT stockpiling opportunity!

Electrasol Dishwashing Tabs are on sale for $2.99 after sale and Mega Event discount.  There is a $2.50/1 coupon that expires on January 31st….making each box just $.49!!!  Or $4.99 for 10 boxes!

I ordered 10 coupons from e-bay last night for $1.99…so for a total of $6.99 plus some tax I will get 10 boxes of Electrasol dishwashing tabs!!!!  Not bad when they are regularly $3.99 a box!

I’ll take 10 boxes for $6.99 any day!

***Learn more about using coupon clipping services to help with stockpiling!

Also, there is a $2/1 Post cereal coupon (register your email, then coupon is sent to your email) that will make the Post cereal included in the Mega Event sale just $.19 a box!!! Thanks MommySnacks!

FREE Rotel and $.19 Hunt’s Diced Tomatoes…thanks to Marianne at the New Frugal Mom for posting a complete list of unadvertised deals in the Kroger Mega Event Sale!


  1. Linda says

    I was so excited by the Kroger deals yesterday that I went on Sunday afternoon and got lots of the deals. I was all set to get 3 French’s mustards for $.19 each, but there was already only one left on the shelf! So I see what you did in terms of ordering the Electrosol coupons off of ebay, but do you think your store will have any left by the time you get them? My situation is complicated by the fact that I live in a small town with only one smallish Kroger. I guess I could get rainchecks, but when I don’t really NEED the mustard, that seems like a lot of work. How do you handle out of stocks on these deals? Thanks!

    • says


      If they don’t then get a raincheck! So that you can still use your coupon even after it expires…because you tried to use it before expiration and they were out of the product, they should override the expiration date!

      I asked customer service at my store this AM and she told me they would do that.

  2. Sarah Thompson says

    Is this for the sale that starts on the 28th? If so how would I find out if my store will have them on sale?

  3. says

    Oh YAY! I hope that we get this deal in my area!!!! I have 7 coupons to use up yet and was getting nervous about not finding a worthy sale to use them on. :)

  4. Rachel Hall says

    Nabisco crackers are also on for $1.69 with a $1 coupon in the paper. They’re running the mega event in Georgia, too!

  5. says

    I did light shopping today, with cash and coupons that are about to expire..1/31. Saved $4 with coupons that were doubled to 50 cents each, at Safeway. Red Rose tea, Kikkoman sauces and Sun Maid Raisins. Raisins were the best deal, with 2/$4 then a $1 off coupon that took off another 50 cents with doubling, made them $1.25 a sack/12 oz. Cheaper with sale and then more so with coupon than reg. price. Pork loin chops 99 cents a pound, reg. $2.99. So saved alot on that, 10 lbs worth that I can part out for meals. I would have taken a photo of all this, but I’m getting over a virus and by the time I got home I was too tired to care to take a photo. Besides, it was Star Trek Enterprise time and I rarely get to watch it cuz I’m usually at work! :\ But wanted to share my findings today. Spent $38 on groceries at 2 stores and 1 place where I got flour for good price.

    I’ve been using my coupon notebook and it’s been a help to me. Easier than putting them in envelopes or a box like I usually do. I cut out the coupons and then put them in their sections usually Sunday or Monday. Then I take them with me. I had them in the car with me and looked thru them for coupons that were expiring, b4 next pay check and affordable. I didn’t take notebook into store with me, just in my pocket. Always afraid I’m gonna drop one though. But it’s fun to see how much I can save!! Have a good evening!!

  6. says

    Wow thanks for all the tips! I went to Kroger last night and my total before my Plus card and coupons was $107, after it was $44!! I couldn’t believe how much I saved!!! and in that i even bout 2 things that were not on sale because I Needed them badly at home!!

  7. Rhonda Hall says

    Erin, just got back from my Kroger’s shopping trip in Xenia and wanted to share::I spent $22.36 BUT SAVED: $71.98
    I just finished school or I would have sent you receipt thru Steve..I’m excited!
    Great deal on: Hormel Chili Master w/Beans Free! I had 13 coupons sale:79cents w/Mega deal my coupon 50cents doubled!
    Frank’s Hot Sauce .19cents
    I have 15 extra (I used 10) Dishwashing Pills $2.50 off expires Sunday if you know anyone in Xenia area who wants some..I’ll share.

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