Kroger Shopping Trip – July 10


We’re having a small party this week…for my oldest’s birthday!  And I was determined to use what I had and get a few things…but stay within my $80 budget…despite the fact that I was buying “extras” like ice cream (my favorite brand for just $2.99 a half gallon…reg. $5.89!!!), chips, and frosting!

Strangely this week I only used 1 coupon!  $.25 for the paper towels!  Which brings me to a reader question…

Monica asked the following last week…

“Hi Erin, I’m new to your site and I have a question about things like TP, laundry soap and things like that. Are you including those items as part of your grocery shopping or is it separate? If separate how do you budget for those items?”

Great question Monica…Thanks for asking!

The answer is YES…these things are included in my grocery budget!  I have a bit “stocked up” from previous trips (laundry soap and TP)…I don’t use too many paper towels, as I prefer dishrags for clean-up.  I do buy them on occasion (especially when they’re just $.50, like they were this week!).  As for cleaning supplies, I have a stockpile of those as well…although I am running low on toilet bowl cleaner!  I have yet to venture into homemade cleaning supplies, but I highly encourage it for those who are ready and wish to save a little more!  So you will see these items here and there…as I prefer to buy them only when they are on sale and I have a coupon!

Back to this past week’s trip…

I bought lots of produce, the goods for the birthday party, milk, eggs, some blueberries to make some jam ($1.48/pint!), dairy free margarine for the boys, and some English muffins (on sale BOGO).

No meats this week…as I’ve got plenty stashed away in the freezer!


As you can see, this was a “shop the circular” week…with not quite as much savings as normal…but I stayed within my $80/week budget.

What happened to the $29???  I bought a 4 lb. jar of local and raw honey (the jar is HUGE) for $20 at the town festival, and I ran back into Kroger last week to take advantage of this deal on Hefty plastic baggies (that ran at my Kroger during the Daytona 500 sale).  With all the batch cooking and stocking of the freezer that I plan to do in the next few months, I thought this was a $6.90 well spent!  I got 5 boxes of gallon size baggies and 5 boxes of quart size baggies…10 boxes for just $6.90!!!

Total for the week: $78.10


  1. says

    Great shop! I had a great shop this weekend too – my budget is $125 a week – I spent $104, but with coupons and store sales, I saved $85!! That’s my record yet, AND I bought 25.5 pounds of meat and 2 pounds of shrimp!

    I think that’s my best over by $20 bucks!

  2. says

    Way to go, Erin! I just posted on my own blog about making “Mexican Lasagna” using the last of the kind of crispy tortillas in my fridge :o) Using the leftover turkey as the meat and a big jar of kidney beans, I’d be surprised if my total for the dinner even hit $5.

    It’s fun to share ideas… and yes, sometimes store-bought frosting is the way to go if it saves you time so you can do something else.

    I have done the homemade cleansers, but with my local Dollar Tree offering the name-brand cleansers I like (Spic & Span floor cleaner, etc.) for only a buck, it’s better for me to buy, then spend my “free” time doing a writing job for a client.

    My weekly budget is also $80; out of that comes $16 for allowances for my two boys (who do most of the heavy cleaning around the house). We do a Costco run once a month for milk/eggs/laundry soap, so my weekly money is mostly for meat on sale and fresh produce. I love living in an urban area, as we have bread outlets and other ways to make ends meet efficiently.

  3. Kristi says

    Absolutely amazing! How do you guys do that? I mean, keeping the total so small for a weeks’ worth of groceries! My family is GFCF, and I am lucky if I get out of the grocery store for less than $150! A week!
    Where can I go to learn all this neat stuff!? I need to whittle my bill down to $80/week!

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