Kristy’s Kickin’ Sloppy Joes – $5 Dinner Challenge

I had grandiose plans…come home from spending the weekend in Altanta with good friends, having good times…and jumping right back into the daily routine for 2 days…before heading to New York.

Those plans have been thwarted…along with my plans to make some pulled pork lettuce wraps using lettuce from the garden.

Reason they have been thwarted…I’ve lost my voice and become victim to a “lower respiratory” infection. (My nose/sinuses have remained untouched thus far.)

But if you recall…I’m going to New York this week to tape the $5 Dinners segment on “The View”…airs this Friday!

Problem. I. have. no. voice.

(Actually, this afternoon I sound very manly. Very raspy. Which is a good sign…all of “the below” is working…)

Solution. Rest. Gargle salt water. Shake head violently at my child who is attempting to dump a flower pot of dirt into the sandbox. Rest. Drink Throat Coat tea. Rest. Eat potato chips (as suggested by Winter on Facebook….it totally helps BTW.) Jump up and down wildly to get the attention of the 4 year old who is about to let the toddler out the front door (because verbally getting his attention is out of the question.) Rest. Eat zinc lozenges. Rest. Drink Emergen-C. Rest…

(Turns out being a parent and disciplining your children without a voice is sorta tricky.  But we’ve made the most out of the silly hand gestures and made up sign language!)

Needless to say, I did not get to making the Pulled Pork Lettuce Wraps…perhaps tomorrow night?!

Sloppy Joes

So tonight, Kristy from Mommy Hates Cooking is in charge! Tonight’s recipe for the $5 Dinner Challenge is her “Kickin’ Sloppy Joes!”

Love these because you probably already have all the ingredients on hand…so if you do, figure out how to squeeze them into your meal plan this week…or better yet, plan to make them over the holiday weekend! Thanks for sharing with us all Kristy!

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  1. ShannonP says

    Thanks! I am simmering mine right now (with a few adjustments based on what is in my pantry). Smells fabulous!

    • AlysonRR says

      I recommend hot water with ~Tbsp each lemon juice and honey in it. My brother recommends ginger tea – steep a disk of whole ginger (~size of five quarters) in hot water.

      Hope the voice returns in time for the show!


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