Gratitude from the Mouths of Babes

*Disclosure: This post is part of the Campbell’s Wisest Kid campaign. I am a paid spokes-blogger. As always, opinions and pie selection crisis are my own.

This Thanksgiving, our family will spend the morning watching the parade at our house, and then we will enjoy a feast with my mom and stepdad, and then another with my dad and stepmom. Stuffed, much?

I’m in charge of the pies this year. I currently have 5 pies on my list…maybe 6…still debating. I’m stuffed just thinking about this now!

Throughout the day, we will be celebrating the many blessings in our lives…specifically all the little people who bless us on a daily basis. From our own 4 balls of energy to our nieces and nephews who we will celebrate with as well. Our family is so blessed to have so many little people that make us laugh and wanna scream, all in the same minute. Over the weekend, I asked the boys what they were thankful for and here are the answers I got…

  • Ryan (age 8) – Minecraft and riding bikes in the park.
  • Charlie (age 6) – my baby brother (awe!!!) and Minecraft.
  • Tyler (age 4) – my dog. (Um, we don’t have a dog! But I think this is toddler  “get me a dog for Christmas!” propaganda y’all!)

Thanksgiving meal times for us will be random this year, so I’m going to try something new. I’m going to set out a few plates of “mini-snacks” for the kids to graze on throughout the day, as they are waiting for the big meals. Every year, they are pulling on my pant legs asking for food since we don’t eat at “normal times”…so I’m going to be ahead of the game this year and have some finger foods ready for them!


Mini-meatloaves with french fried onions on top…FTW!

What are your kids thankful for this year? Do you have any “gratitude traditions” that your family does each Thanksgiving?


  1. Cate says

    Charlie (age 6) – my baby brother (awe!!!) SURELY you meant “aww” (as in “how sweet”). AWE is when you are in “awe” of something i.e., “they were both awed by the vastness of the forest”
    synonyms: filled with wonder, wonderstruck, awestruck, amazed, astonished, lost for words, open-mouthed;

    You don’t home school, right?

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