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What better way to kick off the morning than with a cup of fresh brewed coffee?   It’s now possible to experience the same premium coffee you love one perfectly brewed cup at a time!

Millstone Coffee Folgers Gourmet Selections K-Cup portion packs are ground and sealed fresh using the same high quality beans already available on-shelf in over 30 blends offering the exceptional taste the brand’s passionate coffee drinkers have come to expect.

New Flavors for the Fall: Millstone Breakfast Blend, Millstone Hazelnut Cream, Folgers Gourmet Selections® Black Silk

Y’all know how much I love saving money…and this includes on coffee!  (Although I have been known to stop in for a Pumpkin Spice Latte before a 6 am flight, or during a 4 hour flight delay. Keepin’ it realz.)  If you are a coffee drinker, you will be a much better steward of your java dollars by brewing your coffee at home.  Investing in a great coffee maker and setting it to have your coffee ready just as you wake from your slumber can save you hundreds in the end. We all know about “the latte factor.”

Let this Keurig and the new Millstone Coffee Folgers Gourmet Selections K-Cup portion packs set you on your way to spending less on lattes.

This week’s giveaway is for four new Millstone K-Cup varieties and a Keurig® Single-Cup Brewer.

Entry details…

Giveaway Details

1. Contest ends Wednesday, October 27th at 5 pm EST. Winners will be announced back here on this post, and notified via email with further instructions.

  • Entry #1: What are your best “tips and tricks” to manage a hectic morning, and how does a fresh gourmet cup of coffee help you get your mornings started? (My answer will be in the comments…and I’ll delete it before selecting a winner.)

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*Disclosure: We did receive a Keurig and a selection of the single serve cups included in this giveaway. Thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. Candice Storm says

    I find that if I can prep as much as possible the night before it helps getting out the door much easier. I make lunches the night before and plan what the kids will have for breakfast as well. No searching.

  2. says

    My best tips for a hectic morning is to TRY and prepare as best as you can the night before. Lay clothes out, put chips, snack (anything that wont go bad in lunch box) have bag packed , folders signed , and placed by the door. Nothing helps with a crazy morning than a nice cup of coffee !! I get up in the AM make my daughters breakfast, start a cup of coffee before anyone else is up . Those few minutes of quiet time help start the day of right.

  3. Sandy Ewers says

    I burn the candle at both ends…a night owl & an early bird (thanks to my 3 kids under age 6)!! Mornings (and evenings) are naturally hectic around here, but it’s no surprise that time management, organization, and prepping ahead are keys to managing these busy times. Working ahead at night to organize things needed for the morning- when the house is quiet- saves a bunch of time. From picking out clothes, making lunches, having bags ready, and even setting the breakfast table…these are little ways to have the morning flow smoother. A calmer morning also allows me to sip my coffee from my fav ceramic mug instead of rushing and needing my travel mug instead!

    Either way- morning coffee is as integral part to “starting the day off right.” My husband and I both love a good cup o’ Joe (and not just in the morning)! We have had the Keurig on our wish list, but continue to make out coffee maker earn its keep brewing fresh grounds 3x a day. We affectionately refer to the sound at the end of the brewing process as “the beep of life!” We would be SO excited to win this getaway- thanks for the opportunity (lovin’ all the tips & recipes on your bog/website too)!!

  4. says

    Also, I have to say that sometimes, we just don’t drink all the coffee in our pot. Six cups seems too little, 8 seems about right (but too little on some days and too much on others). A one-cup system would keep us from wasting caffeine gold.

  5. Pammie says

    I follow you via Twitter and facebook. Thanks! I can only get out of bed with the knowledge that the first cup of java is following immediately after :)

  6. Barbara says

    I prepare 4 lunches every morning that I don’t even eat 😉

    1 for my husband and 3 for my school age boys. My youngest daughter and I are still at home and I get to do it all over again for us at 11:30 each day. Yea, me :-)

    My “tips and tricks” to manage the hectic morning rush are making the lunches in an assembly line fashion; lining up everything in order of use and packing up the lunch bags in the same manner. I pack any extra’s first (chips, raisins, trail mix, granola bars, PUMPKIN CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES – YUMMY!!!) and then make and pack the sandwiches last.

    To make it even easier on me, I do all the lunch preparation and packing and backpack stuffing while the kids are occupied eating their breakfasts.

    I would LOVE to be able to pour a fresh cup Millstone from my new Keurig® Single-Cup Brewer prior to attempting this daily ritual.

    Thanks for the excellent recipes and interesting blog – I already am a facebook fan :-)

  7. amber says

    I need my coffee in the morning, even the smell helps me perk up! My best tip is to lay out my clothes the night before, and pack my lunch the night before.

  8. Laura says

    I have my kids pick out their clothes the night before to cut down on the craziness!! Coffee helps me feel like I’m getting a treat at a time when I’m nit quite ready to be awake!

  9. Shannon Sutter says

    I plan my breakfast each week. Cuts down on the boys standing in front of the pantry/fridge trying to decide what they want each morning.

  10. Rosa says

    Cleaning the kitchen and picking up the clutter the night before makes for a smoother morning. Nothing wakes me up better than a good cup of coffee!

  11. AJ says

    My best way is to set my coffee to start brewing when I wake up, so I wake up to the happy smell of coffee.

  12. Stephanie Fitch says

    Well I work overnights so my mornings are in the evenings! LOL How I get my mornings started are by telling my husband that I need a mug of pumpkin spice or hot chocolate with a shot of espresso in it. LOL
    The coffee helps me to wake up so that I can function and do my job which as an ER RN it’s very difficult at times. We have a Keurig in the breakroom at work and it well used in the early hours such at 4am. :-)
    Thanks for allowing me to play!

  13. Stacy Abrams says

    We try and get as much ready the night before as possible so in the morning things can go much smoother. A nice cup of coffee just helps me wake up and tackle the day/

  14. Kathryn Donahue says

    Entry 1!! My morning starts usually around the ungodly hour of 4am… You see, I have an 11 month old daughter who thinks that’s a perfectly appropriate hour of the day to get up and greet me. So Coffe is my sweet savior! I love all kinds and varieties. So that coffee gives me a little pep in my step and also just let’s me relax (usually out on our deck enjoying the crisp morning air) before the next phase of the morning starts… When my 12 year old daughter gets up! Then it’s “where’s my homework?” “I can’t find my shoes!” “You’re making me ‘that’ for lunch??” but coffee makes it all bearable :)

  15. Steph says

    I sleep and let my DH take care of mornings! Coffee and I have a love/hate relationship. I love how it smells and tastes (as a latte), but sometimes gives me heartburn. HOWEVER, since I have such a wonderful DH, and since he’s a GREAT lover of coffee… I would love to win this for him! :O)

  16. Neily says

    Make everything for lunches the night before – but everything in a bag in the fridge – just grab and run to school (I teach and have 2 boys). Caffine is a necessary part of “being able to run” in the morning!

  17. katklaw777 says

    Best tip…I get as much ready as possible the night before. Book bags filled and by the door, lunches made, breakfast ready and I get up at least an hour early to have my cuppa joe and check some emails. Yea caffeine!!! Great giveaway, thanks.

  18. says

    Ohhh! First of all, I have to admit that I almost never enter these giveaways because I’m just not very lucky with them, I suppose. But, I HAVE to enter this one! I have been so curious about these little single serve gourmet machines for awhile now!

    Okay, my little “tip/trick” is to have a schedule! I started my Flylady routine some years ago and “fell off the wagon” so to speak… I’ve been trying to get things back under control but it seems the only way that really works for me is to follow the schedule I’ve made for myself using the Flylady website. I know what has to be done on every day of the week and I don’t get overwhelmed by everything there is to do because I know that I already have a time and day set aside to focus on that thing.

    Still… I **need** my coffee in the morning! I take a few minutes every morning after I get my oldest off to school to have a cup (or two, or three) while my youngest watches a cartoon or plays around me while I check email and blog news :)

    Oh, and also, if I don’t have a clean kitchen to walk into in the morning, it seems my day gets off to a very slow start so I always try to make sure the kitchen is clean and the coffee maker is set to start in the morning before I go to bed!


  19. Angelia says

    Well I make lunch at nights for hectic morning, I make breakfast packs filled with sausage,pancakes and put in freezer so they can pull out microwave and eat or waffles for the toaster! And I have to have my caffeine!! I also use a calendar from motivated moms it has day lists and bible verses to help you stay on track!!

  20. Linda S. says

    I subscribe via email and FB.

    My tip for hectic mornings is really quite simple . . . do AS MUCH as possible the night before; i.e., set out clothes for kids, set the breakfast table or a breakfast bar with “to go” items, have backpacks, lunches and all other necessities packed and by the front door (or even in the car!).

    Gourmet coffee helps to make a “normal” day extraordinary . . . one of the best parts of the day!

  21. says

    Tip: plan ahead and try your VERY HARDEST not to hit the snooze button a record-breaking number of times (note to self…)

    Coffee is my treat once I get to work because I don’t have a coffee maker!!! This would be PERFECT, too, because the hubs doesn’t drink coffee- I only need one cup :)

  22. Janet Lopez says

    What are your best “tips and tricks” to manage a hectic morning, and how does a fresh gourmet cup of coffee help you get your mornings started. I also try to make sure my and my kids’ clothes are ready the night before. Also, it helps that my kids know exactly our routine in the morning so there isn’t a lot of fighting to get them to get ready. They know exactly what they need to do before they can watch tv or have a bite to eat. I have to have my coffee every morning and I wouldn’t say that the cup I make at home is “gourmet” but it still helps me to waken up. I think a gourmet cup of coffee may work even better. PLEASE!! :)

  23. says

    Would love to win the Kcups.
    I use routine to get through my morning…Up at 7, dog out the door, boy out of bed, milk poured and Disney turned on, mug on Keurig, dog fed, bagels in toaster, press start button on Keurig, hubby’s lunch made, creamer and cream cheese added, dog inside, 10 minutes to check my email before getting boy and self dressed.

    Every morning, except Saturday. Whew.

  24. Eric says

    I try to get my things in order before going to bed if possible. Putting my gym bag and work bag in the car, laying out my clothes, making my lunch. Usually doesn’t work though as I end up just crashing in bed out of sheer exhaustion, haha. I try not to drink coffee very much but sometimes I need it to survive the morning

  25. Karina says

    Morning routines go out the window when your 2-year-old enters the independant stage! But, I do try to plan everything out the night before. A cup of something caffeinated is my reward for getting successfully out the door.

  26. says

    I know what time I have to be out the door. So, I know by six, the dog needs to be taken out, by 6:15 I need to be dressed. During this time, I turn the hall light on and open Jack’s door. I think the light and the noise help wake him up without me having to force him up. I think that helps with his willingness to go potty and get dressed without a fight.

  27. says

    I’m a new follower on twitter. @newtomom

    I also forgot to add what a cup of gourmet coffee would do to my mornings. The smell alone would get me energized to get out the door. Since I would bring it with me, I would have the lovely smell all the way to work.