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What better way to kick off the morning than with a cup of fresh brewed coffee?   It’s now possible to experience the same premium coffee you love one perfectly brewed cup at a time!

Millstone Coffee Folgers Gourmet Selections K-Cup portion packs are ground and sealed fresh using the same high quality beans already available on-shelf in over 30 blends offering the exceptional taste the brand’s passionate coffee drinkers have come to expect.

New Flavors for the Fall: Millstone Breakfast Blend, Millstone Hazelnut Cream, Folgers Gourmet Selections® Black Silk

Y’all know how much I love saving money…and this includes on coffee!  (Although I have been known to stop in for a Pumpkin Spice Latte before a 6 am flight, or during a 4 hour flight delay. Keepin’ it realz.)  If you are a coffee drinker, you will be a much better steward of your java dollars by brewing your coffee at home.  Investing in a great coffee maker and setting it to have your coffee ready just as you wake from your slumber can save you hundreds in the end. We all know about “the latte factor.”

Let this Keurig and the new Millstone Coffee Folgers Gourmet Selections K-Cup portion packs set you on your way to spending less on lattes.

This week’s giveaway is for four new Millstone K-Cup varieties and a Keurig® Single-Cup Brewer.

Entry details…

Giveaway Details

1. Contest ends Wednesday, October 27th at 5 pm EST. Winners will be announced back here on this post, and notified via email with further instructions.

  • Entry #1: What are your best “tips and tricks” to manage a hectic morning, and how does a fresh gourmet cup of coffee help you get your mornings started? (My answer will be in the comments…and I’ll delete it before selecting a winner.)

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*Disclosure: We did receive a Keurig and a selection of the single serve cups included in this giveaway. Thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. Tracy F says

    I pack lunches the night before (usually dinner leftovers) and put them in the bag and the bag goes in the fridge. That way I just grab the bags from the fridge in morning.
    I also layout my daughters clothes complete with socks and shoes, hair pieces, etc. the night before.
    In the morning I usually pour my coffee into a travel mug.. and off I go. I do take a vanpool, so I get to sit back and enjoy my coffee.. or go to sleep.. whichever I feel like that day!

  2. Stephanie R. says

    I’m so excited to find you here on FB. I’m new to couponing and finding the best deals out there. Spending only $5 on dinner sounds too good to be true. I can’t wait to try your methods and use your tips.
    I work three days a week (part time), home school my two teens, and volunteer on Sunday at church child care. Coffee if a must to help get me and my husband started each morning.
    This would be like receiving an awesome Christmas present early. Thanks for this opportunity to win such a great gift!

  3. Glenda Penny says

    My trick to getting out of the house in the morning is to start the coffee brewing, and pack my clothes for work so that after the gym workout I am ready to go!

  4. Michelle P says

    My favorite way to manage a hectic morning is to have as much as I can done before the morning itself. Having the clothes I want to wear already picked out, coffee ready to be made, waffles, pancakes, muffins etc. that I’ve already made kept in the freezer for breakfast.

  5. says

    My best hectic morning management technique is to do as much prep the night before as possible – set the coffee, pack my gym bag, set out anything I need for work or daycare, lay out clothes for me and the kiddo, pack my lunch – and then allow myself as much time to snooze the alarm as possible!

  6. Kris says

    To make mornings less hectic as much as possible gets done the night before: bags are packed, lunches packed, clothes/shoes/accessories laid out, etc. Morning coffee helps keep things going in the mornings because it changes my husband from a stumbling bear into a functional human.

  7. Kris says

    To make mornings less hectic as much as possible gets done the night before: bags are packed, lunches packed, clothes/shoes/accessories laid out, etc. Morning coffee helps keep things going in our house because it changes my husband from a stumbling bear into a functional human.

  8. Tina B. says

    I lay out everything I need for the upcoming day – clothes, keys, briefcase, etc. – the night before!
    A fresh gourmet cup of coffee helps me get started by waking me up so I can function!

  9. says

    Have a routine and stick to it! Plus it always helps to have a husband who makes coffee like clockwork as soon as he wakes up :).

  10. Noreen says

    Things definitely need to be ready the night before (seems to be common with many who have replied). It makes for the morning run smoothly, even if something throws it off track.

    FB Fan and Receive Newsletter! Thank you for all the tips and recipes….and giveaways.

  11. Holly says

    We always make sure to set the coffeemaker before we go to bed :) Having everything ready to go in the morning keeps this running smooth: clothes laid out, backpacks packed, breakfast pulled from the freezer (pancakes, made-by-me egg sandwiches). We’d never get started though without the coffee! :)

  12. Angie says

    I follow you on twitter, facebook and get emails sent daily.

    I like to lay clothes, jackets, shoes out the night before, pack as much of lunches as I can ( just making a sandwich in the morning), having backpacks packed etc. The key to a successful morning for me is getting up earlier than the kids even if it’s only a half hour and sitting down to enjoy a cup of coffee. This wakes me up and gets me in a good mood before the chaos begins. :)

  13. Robin says

    I plan out the night before all of the clothing myself and the kids and I also get up extra early to workout, so I can hit the ground running…coffee is perfect drink to sip on the way in to work :)

  14. Michele W. says

    I have one daughter in school and two daughters at home with me. After my daughter is off to school, I have a few minutes to myself to enjoy my morning coffee. It is my “me” time. It is a great way to start my hectic day.

    I subscribe to your email and I “like” you on Facebook.

  15. Cheryl says

    TO manage my crazy mornings I try to put some stuff I need together the night before. A Fresh cuppa coffee gets my brain functions, provides warmth to get my butt moving, and just plain taste delcious..

  16. Donna B. says

    My trick sounds counter-productive, but I actually get up 30 minutes earlier than I need to. This way, I can lay in bed and watch TV for a bit, or hit the snooze (sometimes BOTH!) before getting up and I’m not so rushed. I also make sure that when I get home, my purse, keys, etc. are all on the table by the front door (along with anything else I need to take to work) so I’m not hunting for them in the morning.

    Also, having my coffeemaker programmed to have my coffee ready is definite incentive to get out of bed :) Nothing like waking up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee!

  17. Terri says

    Get it all set out the night before! Prep everything possible. Have a localized place for items that need to go w/ someone to check everytime you walk out the door… I like my coffee after I get to work so I can relax and enjoy it :)

  18. Jessica Strode says

    I have a busy 2 year old and work nights…So there is much coffee in my day (night). I have to get his stuff ready a week at a time and keep it restocked as the week goes on. It makes life much simpler.

  19. denise says

    To make my mornings easier I wake up early so I can take my time. I get to drink my cup of coffee as I watch the weather. I make lunches and a mess. My husband who is lucky to be retired gets to clean up.

  20. Megan says

    I have a daily routine that makes hectic mornings flow smoothly. I like to drink my coffee throughout the morning, but especially when checking email. My dh often brews up the coffee for me. :)

  21. maria says

    I manage my mornings in shifts. The night before I program the coffee pot, get my husbands lunch together and get his work clothes out (he is a self sufficient adult, but I do what I can as he works full time, is a full time student and spend 4 hours a day in the car!) . I get up when he does, get his lunch packed and coffee made while he gets ready adn after I see him off, I get school lunches and back packs packed, clean up a bit, start breakfast and fill sippy cups, get my girls up and once they are moving, I get the little guy up. I start my day with diet pepsi, my coffee definately makes the hubs happy (as a person can be at 4:45am!) in tne morning!

  22. Susan says

    Definitely prepping as much as possible the night before is what helps me the most. And I would love to add a hot cup of coffee to my morning routine, but I don’t have a coffee maker :)

    I am a FB fan and subscribe through an RSS feed. Thanks!